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How to collect a bouquet of fresh cut flowers by the piece?

24 December
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A bouquet of fresh cut flowers can add comfort and warmth to the atmosphere of any home and please family and close people. Create such a flower composition can not only a professional florist, but anyone. You just need to know some important features and not be afraid to experiment.

How to collect a bouquet of flowers on your own?

Как собрать букет из свежесрезанных цветов - Flores shop

First of all, decide what color range you want to see in your composition, and also select the suitable plants. Do not look back at others, try to rely on your taste. Monochromatic bouquets, which consist of identical flowers with different saturations of buds, look elegant and harmonious.

It is worth to be remembered that not all plants are beautifully combined with each other. Given this nuance, you can increase the flowering time of the bouquet. For example, lilies of the valley, daffodils, carnations and roses do not get along well with other flowers. Poppies and daisies should not be combined with tulips, and lilies can not be added to the flower composition with cornflowers. But the twigs of geranium and thuja can be used in any bouquet, they will help extend the life of other plants.

Try to follow these tips:

  • prepare before the work all the materials that you may need (greens, ribbons, packaging, flowers);
  • if you want to create a more spectacular composition, use stems of different lengths;
  • it is important that the greens for the decorations do not overshadow the bouquet itself;
  • do not use more than three types of inflorescences in one composition;
  • wild and exotic flowers look badly with each other;
  • Some representatives of the flora (lilies or roses) look good on their own.

Beautiful bouquet, assembled by hand, will be a great addition to the main gift for any occasion.

Examples of the right color combination in a bouquet

The rose is considered to be the «queen of flowers». It is distinguished by delicate buds and a pleasant delicate aroma, so roses are often included in various floral compositions. Large buds will look great with irises, and roses on low stems are better combined with aquilegia, delphiniums, daylilies. White rose goes well with violets or bells.

Beautiful and truly spring tulips can be combined with branches of mimosa. Quite unusual they look with chrysanthemums or roses, calla lilies or alstromeria.

Примеры правильного сочетания цветов в букете - Flores shop

Chrysanthemums are distinguished by a special brightness and variety of shades. Since they usually play a dominant role in a bouquet, they can be combined with only one type of other plants. These can be lilies or irises. You can also add greens (fern, gypsophila, asparagus). Alstroemeria looks quite impressive with chrysanthemums.

Where is it possible to buy flowers by the piece?

Online shop «Flores-Shop» offers to buy flowers by the pieces in Kiev with delivery. Here you will find only fresh cut plants, with a delicate aroma and beautiful appearance. You can order any number of flowers one by one to create your own flower composition.

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