Wedding bouquet: all you need to know

24 December
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A wedding bouquet has been considered a special talisman and the main attribute of the image of the bride for many years, so its choice should be approached with all seriousness.

How did the tradition of throwing a wedding bouquet come?

Many unmarried girls are looking forward to the moment at the wedding of a friend or acquaintance, when the bride will throw her bouquet. Cause to catch him is a great success. This means that soon its new owner will get married. But where did this interesting tradition come from?

Even the ancient Slavs handed over the flower composition carried by the bride at her wedding. At that time, this event contained strong energy. The fact is that wedding bouquets were collected by the grooms themselves from those flowers that they would find in the field or forest. Usually were used plants symbolizing strong love, loyalty, successful marriage, happiness.

While composing a bouquet, the groom had to think about his bride. During the marriage, the bride was holding a bouquet near her chest to feel the care and love of her future husband. And after the celebration, unmarried girls friends were dancing around the newly-made wife, and as soon as they were stopped, the girl facing the bride received the cherished flowers. The trudition of throwing a bouquet, not transmitting it, came to us from Europe.

Which flowers are best for using at the wedding?

Classic wedding bouquet consists of white buds and green leaves. But today, many girls choose pink, greenish, pale lilac and cream compositions. It is very important that the shade of the flowers is in harmony with your outfit and beautifully complements the overall image of the bride.

As a rule, to create such a bouquet are used the following flowers: lilies, roses, freesia, eustoma, orchids, tulips, violets, daisies, lilies of the valley, chrysanthemums, jasmine, chamomile. These plants look gentle and romantic and are able to stay fresh and beautiful for a long time. For decoration are used asparagus, gypsophila, aspidistra and sedge.

The wedding bouquet of peonies, especially half-opened, looks very pretty. These flowers are considered a symbol of merry fate and a strong family. A bridal bouquet of callas looks elegant and stylish. It will be a great addition to the modern celebration.

We advise you not to use following flowers in creating of wedding bouquets:

  • gladioli and carnations — they are considered male plants, moreover, according to belief, they bring unhappiness to family life;
  • palm leaves and fern — it is believed that these plants are magically incompatible with loving hearts;
  • blue, maroon, yellow and black buds — symbol of quarrels and treasons.

It is also believed that family life will be easier and happier if the bride holds a harmonious flower composition in her hands. Therefore, it is preferable to use a hemispherical or spherical bouquet.

Who should choose a wedding bouquet? How to do it?

According to tradition, the bridegroom should bring flowers to the bride’s house, but today most girls try to choose the flower composition on their own beforehand. After all, it should be beautifully combined with a dress, dress style and other accessories.

If you doubt that you can choose the perfect option, you should follow these tips:

  • flowers should match the image, complementing the dress of the bride, rather than competing with it;
  • think about the form— if it is difficult for you, the florists of the «Flores-Shop» will be happy to help you;
  • do not forget about the decor of the handle— this is a very important point, because an incorrectly designed handle can spoil the whole image.

Gentle, romantic and unusual … In the online shop «Flores-Shop» we will help you choose the best bouquet for the most important day of your life.

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