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What bouquet to give to a friend girl?

24 December
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A special manifestation of friendship has always been attentions that brings happines to recipient. If you want to give your friend positive emotions, do not wait for a special occasion. Making the right choice should not be too difficult for you, because you just need to know exactly what kind of flowers your friend likes.

When is it appropriate to give flower compositions to a friend girl?

Of course, flowers are usually given on special days: for a birthday, for March 8th. But true friendship is the desire to present good emotions every day, so a beautiful bouquet will be appropriate at any time. Among the significant events on which it is accepted and possible to give flowers should be highlighted:

  • wedding day;
  • birth of a child;
  • christening;
  • Day Angel;
  • any holiday (Easter, New Year);
  • professional holiday.

Well, do not forget that every day can be festive if you just take and present a delicate bouquet of the favorite flowers without occasion. Show your friend your support in the form of a beautiful flower composition.

What bouquets and flower compositions to choose?

Usually close friends know each other’s tastes well. But sometimes it is quite difficult to find a really suitable bouquet for your friend, because they all are so beautiful and tender. But you want the person to feel the heat and get a charge of positive emotions from the gift.

First of all, do not despair if you can not get an expensive bouquet. You can always choose a pretty and delicate composition from one branch or several seasonal flowers, which will look just amazing. It is also worth starting from the preferences of the recipient. If your friend loves roses, you can think of the bouquets of these flowers. But here you should pay attention to the shade of the buds. Red and white roses are usually given by men. And you can stay on the composition of pink or cream color.

If the girl is extravagant, you can choose a twig of hydrangea or tender ranunculus. These flowers have a magnetic power and attract views to their beauty. To the young girl you can give a bouquet of irises or tulips and to a mature woman it is better to choose a composition of naughty orchids or elegant callas. Is your friend girl a romantic person? So, stop at a bouquet of bright sunflowers or a cute composition of gypsophila.

Can your friend be called a lover of symbolism? Then you should know that the friendship is represented by the number 9. Choose an interesting bouquet with nine flowers, and you will hit the target. You can also add multicolored balloons of various shapes, candies and cute greeting cards with congratulations to the flower composition.

Online shop «Flores-Shop» offers the creation of unique flower compositions for your beloved friend. Our professional florists will take into account all your wishes and help with the choice of flowers. Give your friend bouquets often! Believe us, your friendship is worth such attention and will become stronger after such gifts.

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