Why do flowers in a mixed bouquet reveal unevenly?

24 December
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It often happens that in a mixed bouquet different flowers bloom unevenly. Why it happens?

Causes of uneven opening of flower buds in flower compositions

One of the features of the flower trade is that the various flowers are cut according to the degree of their ripeness. When the flower is still at the bud stage, it will bloom longer than more mature one. At the same time, the appearance of the plant plays an important role. For example, gerberas or chrysanthemums appear more open than other flowers in a bouquet because of their special volumetric shape.

There are several factors that affect how the buds bloom in flower compositions:

  • the degree of ripeness of the flower when it was cut — some plants are cut when the bud is fully open, so in a bouquet they will look fuller and more voluminous;
  • nutritional deficiencies — for example, flowers such as eustoma or rose stand in water better and stay closed longer if you add a little special top-dressing into a vase;
  • presence of microorganisms — if you do not add a top-dressing, mold and other microorganisms quickly develop in water, and some flowers are more sensitive to  them (exactly they bloom faster in a mixed bouquet).

If you follow the state of the flower from the very beginning of bouquet creation, your composition will look much better.

What to do to make flowers in mixed flower compositions look better?

It should be understood that every flower has a genetically set standard of living at home. For example, gerberas can stand in a vase without problems for up to 20 days. Therefore it is necessary to create a mixed bouquet of those plants that have approximately the same life expectancy.

If you want to extend the life of the bouquet and make sure that all the flowers bloom in the composition at about the same time, it is important to use a clean vase, and also try to change the water in it every day.

The thing is that in stagnant water, especially if you do not use top-dressing, the flowers do not receive enough nutrients. To improve fluid intake by plants, it is important to slightly trim their stems at an oblique angle every day. Try to make a cut under the stream of water — so in the pores of the flower will not get excess air. Do not add clean water to the one that was already standing — this will not help solve the problem.

What does the online shop «Flores-Shop» do to achieve a uniform opening of flowers in a mixed composition?

We use only high-quality fresh flowers, which significantly reduces the possibility of contamination by microorganisms. We have a quick delivery of bouquets in Kiev, so you can be sure that you will receive a truly beautiful flower composition that will please the eye for a long time. In «Flores-Shop», there work professional florists who can make a bouquet so that it remains the same for a long time as on the day when it was bought. We use in one composition only those plants, the period of opening of the buds of which is the same.

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