New Year’s wreaths for New Year and Christmas: tradition and modernity

22 December
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Not only the abundance of tangerines and Christmas trees on the market, but also the corresponding decorative elements, testifies to the approaching New Year holidays. These include Christmas wreaths, which are a traditional decoration for Catholics. They are used to decorate entrance doors, walls and even tables. This Catholic tradition has successfully taken root in our society, because an elegant wreath made of natural spruce looks original, festive and beautiful.

What are Christmas wreaths?

According to the type of decor, these compositions are conventionally divided into:

  • door;
  • desktop;
  • wall.

Wreaths of the first type are placed in the center of the front door on its outer side. Such a New Year’s decorative element is hung on the door not only as a reminder of the upcoming holiday, it also serves as a talisman. In addition to spruce branches, it often consists of cones, ribbons and miniature toys.

Table wreaths are usually decorated with fruits, candles, sweets and champagne. Such a composition would be appropriate for a festive table. It is often made from Dutch spruce, which stands for a long time and does not crumble. There are glass toys in the wall wreaths. Such original compositions may well replace a large natural spruce.

How to choose a wreath for New Year and Christmas?

To give your home a festive mood, you need to correctly select the appropriate decor elements. The first thing to consider is the placement of the wreath. It should be in harmony with the color scheme of the door or room, and then it is a matter of taste. You can choose a delivery composition dominated by the Dutch blue spruce Nobilis or an artificial analogue of the coniferous beauty. Wreaths made of felt with the addition of Christmas decorations look interesting.

Modern florists never cease to amaze with extraordinary solutions. For example, in 2013, the British company VeryFirstTo put up for sale the most expensive Christmas wreath, which was estimated at more than $ 4 million. It was composed of twigs of ivy, blueberry, laurel, eucalyptus, thuja, hellebore, and also had more than 40 rubies and diamonds, which determined such a cosmic price for it.

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