Christmas interior decoration

23 December
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Not only frost and snow, but also the corresponding decor of the premises testify to the approaching New Year holidays. A traditional attribute of the New Year’s interior is a Christmas tree. It doesn’t have to be a huge forest beauty, often a few twigs with a characteristic coniferous scent are enough to create an atmosphere of winter magic in the room.

The tradition of decorating the interior before the New Year holidays has a long history. In each country, it has its own characteristics. In the USA, for example, it is customary to decorate the front door with Christmas wreaths. By the way, this tradition is gradually appearing in our country. Such decorations look original and festive.

Basic principles of New Year interior decoration

The main attributes of a Christmas decor are:

  • greenery and glass toys;
  • garlands;
  • fruits and candles.

Despite the fact that winter is associated with white, the emphasis in New Year’s decor is usually on shades of green. Evergreens such as spruce or pine are installed in the houses, they are decorated with toys and garlands that create a special atmosphere. Compositions made from natural spruce have a characteristic pine needles scent that evokes pleasant associations with childhood and magic.

On the front door and walls, you can hang an original wreath featuring the Dutch blue spruce Nobilis. You can make such decor yourself or buy ready-made compositions from professional florists. The festive table is decorated with winter fruits such as oranges and tangerines, as well as candles. They will give you a feeling of home comfort and warmth.

Ready-made compositions for New Year’s interior decoration

If you do not have the time and desire to decorate the room with your own hands, you can buy ready-made compositions from Dutch spruce, which stands for a long time and does not crumble. The Studio Flores website has a lot of pine needle compositions on the table, on the walls and on the door. Specialists can also make decorative elements for individual requirements, which you can then easily place in your interior.

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