Winter bouquets: a flower tale for everyone

23 December
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Compositions of fresh flowers are a great gift at any time of the year. Fresh plants have a special charm, they cheer up and delight with their unsurpassed aroma. If in the summer and autumn period there are no difficulties with the creation of bouquets, because there is an abundance of bright flowers around, then in winter it is not so easy. In the cold season, the imagination of florists is somewhat limited, since not all plants can withstand frost.

In winter, floral design masters use completely different flowers and decorative elements to create original compositions. In such bouquets, as a rule, there are no plants with thin and fragile petals that can freeze even with a slight minus. Natural spruce branches, pine cones and glass toys are often used as decoration.

The main components of winter bouquets

In the cold season, florists prefer the following colors to create festive compositions:

  • roses;
  • ranunculus;
  • tulips;
  • amaryllis;
  • chrysanthemums.

Roses in winter bouquets look luxurious, they keep fresh for a long time and create a special atmosphere in the house. Ranunculus charm with their airiness, pink-colored plants look especially interesting. White tulips look harmonious in winter compositions, as this color is associated with the cold season. Chrysanthemums are highly resistant to cold and have a variety of shades.

What complements winter bouquets?

A good addition to winter gifts is the Dutch blue spruce Nobilis, which does not lose its attractive appearance and coniferous aroma for a long time. Such compositions can be presented to relatives and friends for birthday, friends and colleagues for the New Year, as well as for corporate events.

Branches of Dutch spruce, which stands for a long time and does not crumble, can become an original decorative element of a bride’s bouquet. A beautiful winter bouquet with pine needles and cones may well replace the traditional Christmas tree. Fruits and sweets will help make the composition more interesting. It will become an original decoration of the festive interior.

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