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Flowers for different holidays. How to choose?

06 January
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Flowers make better congratulations on any holiday. The bouquet can be presented as an independent gift or as an addition to the main present. You need to select a flower arrangement based on who and for what reason the gift is intended. In order not to upset a person with the wrong choice of a bouquet, florists recommend following several rules of flower etiquette.

How to choose flowers for a holiday?

Choosing a bouquet starts with the gender of the recipient. As a gift to a man, they choose plants of rich shades, close to burgundy and purple. The male bouquet is usually vertical or cascading: it is made up of oblong branches of flowers or buds with long legs. An acceptable version of the composition for a man is a conical or elongated bouquet of monochromatic flowers with large buds, decorated in a simple style. It is not accepted to give lush, multi-colored, pastel or richly decorated compositions to men.

Compositions for women are made according to age: young girls are presented with delicate bouquets in pastel colors, consisting of plants with closed buds. If you and your girlfriend are not romantically involved, compositions in blue, cream and pink shades are suitable as a gift for her. The younger the girl, the lighter the bouquet should be.

Adult women can be presented with flowers of rich shades, collected in a lush bouquet. The older the woman, the deeper the color shades you can choose. Floral etiquette recommends giving plants with fully opened buds to mature ladies.

When choosing a flower gift for a child, you need to take into account the thickness and weight of the bouquet. The main selection criterion is the size of the child’s palm. The composition should fit in one hand and be light enough. Small bouquets with small buds, such as wildflowers, are suitable for children.

“Etiquette provides for other general rules for giving flowers:
it is better to give a bouquet of red roses only to those women with whom you have a close relationship;
the role of “messengers of separation” has stuck to yellow flowers, so it is better to give them only to those who love this color;
give flowers with a strong scent only when you know that the pungent scent does not cause displeasure with the addressee;
it is better to give bouquets of plants with pollen only to those who are not allergic to it;
do not give bouquets with an even number of flowers in them if you do not know anything about the recipient and his superstitious attitude: this is associated with funeral rituals. The number of flowers given on a birthday does not have to be the same as the birthday of the birthday person. “

All these recommendations are universal, but relative: they can and should be violated if the tastes of the person to whom the bouquet is intended go against the floral etiquette and you know about it.

For what holiday to give flowers and what?

Flower arrangements are a traditional part of congratulations on professional holidays, anniversaries and anniversaries, but you can give flowers for any occasion. In Europe and the USA, flower delivery is ordered even for the New Year and Christmas, choosing for this winter bouquets or wreaths.

In cases when it comes to collective or professional greetings, seasonal flowers or universal compositions, selected according to age and gender, are usually chosen as a gift. But for personal congratulations (for example, for a birthday), bouquets are selected according to the preferences of the recipient.

Valentine’s Day

The traditional symbol of Valentine’s Day is roses: you can give your loved ones red ones, mothers – white ones, and you can give sprigs of spray roses to colleagues and friends.

March 8

On International Women’s Day, mimosa, tulips and hyacinths are usually presented. You can give flowers in a box – for example, a composition with an orchid or eustoma. A floral sponge located at the bottom of the box will keep your gift fresh for a long time.

Graduation and September 1st

Flower gifts for teachers are chosen according to general rules: the younger the teacher, the lighter the bouquet should be for her, and vice versa. For male teachers, you can present bouquets of gladioli or chrysanthemums. Compositions of asters, gerberas, tulips, peonies and lilacs are suitable for female teachers.

Mother’s Day

There is no universal advice for this holiday, but florists recommend giving mothers delicate bouquets with open buds. Give your mom her favorite flowers, even if her taste does not match the recommendations of the florists.


The choice of flowers for the birthday person is subject to general rules: the gender and age of the recipient, his preferences and reaction to pollen or the scent of flowers. When deciding how many flowers to give for your birthday, remember: if the birthday boy turns an even number of years old and you give the appropriate number of flowers, add one extra to the bouquet.


Newlyweds are given not too luxurious delicate bouquets in light colors. Don’t give red and dark (eg purple) flowers. Also avoid bright yellows in wedding bouquets. Wedding floristry recommends giving preference to modest bouquets without thorns, thorns and sharp leaves.

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