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What flowers are best for a first date?

06 January
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The upcoming first date is an exciting event for both women and men. Romantic experiences are joined by an understandable desire to prove themselves from the best side, so that the first date does not become the only one. In such situations, the lady looks into the wardrobe with excitement, and the gentleman – into the flower shop.

“The flowers presented are not a test for stinginess, but a sign of attention: the date will end, and the bouquet will return the girl’s thoughts to you for a few more days (or maybe weeks) after the first meeting.”

Even a modest composition will make it clear to the chosen one that this date was desired for you, and the desire to please the girl – sincere.

How not to miss the choice of colors?

Don’t know what flowers to give a girl on a first date? Study the profiles of the chosen one in social networks: perhaps there will be a photo of her favorite flowers. If your search is not helpful, you can ask the girl’s preferences directly. True, such directness deprives the date of the element of pleasant surprise, and if it can upset a woman, it is better to ask about it after the first meeting.

A good solution for a first date is a composition of ready-made floristic solutions: choosing a bouquet from the catalog, you can estimate both the size and design of the gift, knowing in advance how much the result will cost.

Choosing flowers for a date: the main rules

So, you are leafing through a florist catalog or going to a flower shop. First of all, let’s figure out the price of the gift. It is better to choose an inexpensive bouquet so as not to oblige the darling to retaliate: a luxurious composition will make her feel uncomfortable, which can easily ruin a date.

When meeting a girl for the first time, you may not know if she is allergic to pollen and what smells she likes. So that your gift does not turn into a nuisance, choose a composition without a pronounced smell. It is better not to give lilacs, peonies, lilies and hyacinths until the girl’s preferences are clarified: these flowers emit a strong aroma that she may not like.

The color scheme of the composition can be correlated with the age of the lady: it is customary for young girls to give delicate bouquets in pastel colors, and an adult woman can be presented with flowers in rich shades.

Some flowers are endowed with special symbolism, so they should not be given on the first date to either young girls or mature women. For example, red roses are considered a sign of deep and passionate feelings, so they are not suitable for the first meeting. Of the red flowers, only tulips are appropriate on the first date.

The number of flowers in a bouquet depends on the composition itself. You should not give only an even number of single flowers: this may be associated with memorial rituals. Match the number of flowers with the first rule: the bouquet should not embarrass a girl with luxury.

What flowers can be given on the first date

A practical gift is an eustoma. Keep fresh for a long time. Compositions with eustoma are neat and inexpensive.

  • Asian buttercup (ranunculus). Five to seven flowers will make a voluminous elegant bouquet.
  • Gerberas. They can go without water for a long time and look impressive even alone.
  • Bouquets-compliments. Modest solutions with bush rose, alstroemeria, amaryllis and hydrangea.
  • Take a closer look at seasonal flowers: irises, tulips, daisies, wild plants. Bouquets of them are perfect for a first date.

    What else to foresee?

    We found out what flowers can be given to a girl for the first time. Now let’s think about the practical side of the gift: how long will a girl have to carry flowers in her hands before she can put them in water? Will she be comfortable holding the bouquet? Are the leisure activities combined with flowers?

    Remember: in a cafe or restaurant, flowers will be offered to be placed in the water, but if your date includes going to the cinema, the bouquet may wither.

    If the flowers have to go without water for a long time, present a bouquet in a hat box: a floral sponge is placed on the bottom of such compositions, which keeps the flowers fresh and protects them from bad weather.

    Even if your date is an active leisure and a bouquet at the beginning of the date will be superfluous, you can still give the girl flowers. Delivery will help you with this: flowers will be an excellent end of the first meeting. Just place an order in advance, and the spectacular appearance of a courier with flowers at the agreed time will make the girl forever remember the first date with you. And immediately agree to the following!

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