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How to care for indoor flowers?

08 January
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Indoor plants need regular care, the features of which depend not only on the type of flower and its needs, but also on the season. Most potted flowers actively grow and bloom in summer: during this time they receive enough light and warmth. In winter, many plants stop growing and go into hibernation, but they still need care – sometimes even more attentive than in summer.

How to care for indoor flowers: basic rules

Caring for a decorative flower, regardless of its species, includes five points:

  • Watering. Water for flowers should be at room temperature. It is better not to use water directly from the tap: it should stand for at least three hours. Boiled water is not suitable for watering ornamental plants.
  • Spraying. Some plants are able to absorb moisture not only through the root system, but also through the aerial part. Spraying provides additional moisture around the flower. This procedure should not be carried out in the sun, otherwise the plant will burn. After spraying, it is better not to leave the plant in a cold, damp room – this will weaken the flower’s resistance to fungi.
  • Pruning and peeling leaves. Unviable shoots and dried leaves should be regularly trimmed with garden shears. Removing dust from leaves improves photosynthesis. Large leaves can be cleaned with a damp sponge, small ones with a brush. Plants that have a protective coating on their leaves (such as succulents) cannot be cleaned.
  • Feeding. Household flowers need fertilization: the soil resources in the pot are not replenished, so it will be difficult to grow plants without feeding. Liquid fertilizers are easier for flowers to assimilate.
  • Transfer. The roots of a house flower grow with the trunk, and over time the pot can become small for the plant. It is better to transplant flowers in spring, but if buds have appeared on the shoots and the plant is preparing to bloom, it is better to postpone the transplant for another year.

Caring for different types of plants can be very different. Ask how to properly care for certain types of indoor plants before buying them: perhaps the conditions in your home are not suitable for this type of flowers.

How to take care of home flowers in summer

In the summer, flowers need frequent watering and spraying: most of them have an active growing season in May-July. During this time, flowers can be fed. Except for the ones you recently transplanted into a new pot: they do not need feeding for a month after transplanting.

Flowering plants need to be fertilized more often than others. For this, formulations with potassium and phosphorus are suitable. If the leaves of the plant have fallen off after flowering, they can be fertilized with a nitrogen composition.

Direct sunlight can burn the plant, so it is best to shade windows with foil screens or paper screens. It is better to remove shade-loving plants from the windowsill: asparagus or spathiphyllum can be placed in the back of the room. It is better to place light-loving violets and succulents closer to the sun. But even they need to be careful to accustom them to light after winter.

In the middle of summer, you need to shade not only the green part of the plants, but also the root system, if it is in a dark pot. If this is not done, the flower may dry out.

In the warm season, pests are activated: aphids, spider mites, mealybugs. Treat flowers with insecticide or acaricide if signs of infection appear.

How to care for indoor flowers in winter

In winter, plants need to be watered two to three times less often than in summer. Plants “sleep”, but they still need oxygen, so the soil in the pot must be loosened. But plants need to be sprayed much more often than in summer, especially if they are at a low height above the heat source: heating greatly reduces the humidity in the room. Use a humidifier in winter.

Due to the reduced daylight hours, flowers need additional lighting. Ordinary lamps are not suitable for this: you need special phytolamps with a special spectrum.

If the plants are on the windowsill, they can freeze in frost. To keep them warm, place a few pots on a pallet that can be filled with sawdust. They can be replaced with pebbles and sprayed periodically, especially if the flowers are located above the radiator: water evaporation from heated pebbles will additionally humidify the air around the plants.

If you want to please yourself or a loved one with a new flower in a pot, we can do it both in summer and in winter: we have flower delivery in Kiev, and we transport houseplants as carefully as you would do it yourself.

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