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Why are flowers given on Valentine’s Day?

26 January
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The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day was entrenched in world culture in the late Middle Ages, and under the influence of French and English literature, February 14 by the end of the XIV century turned into Valentine’s Day. To congratulate each other on this holiday, the lovers exchange symbolic gifts: postcards, which are usually called valentines, stuffed toys, sweets and flowers. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries, and each of them has special cultural traditions that determine the choice of a gift for this holiday. In the culture of our country, the classic congratulations on February 14 are flowers.

How are flowers and Valentine’s Day related?

At all times, lovers have looked for ways to exchange signs and objects that would remind them of the reciprocity of feelings. Many of them had to do it in secret: romantic relationships could be prohibited by law, social status or religion. Personalized gifts carried unjustified risks, so flowers came to the aid of the lovers. The tradition of giving bouquets to lovers became especially popular with the spread of the language of flowers: the symbolic meanings of plants included whole messages in compositions that could not be conveyed orally or in writing.

In recent decades, florists began to decorate flowers for February 14 in a special way. Volumetric compositions in the shape of hearts, bears and hares are created from plants, and small bouquets are packed in heart-shaped boxes. Floral gifts for lovers are decorated with rattan and cardboard hearts, decorated with graceful gypsophila, decorated with ribbons of delicate shades. The basis of bouquets for Valentine’s Day is traditionally made up of roses.

How to choose flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Red Dutch roses are a classic floral gift for your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. The language of flowers interprets these plants as a symbol of passion and deep love. Other red flowers will also tell about the romantic feelings of the donor:

  • roses of varieties Piano, Juliet, Naomi, Ascot, El Torro and spray;
  • smooth and peony tulips;
  • cymbidiums;
  • orchids;
  • protea;
  • gerberas;
  • hyacinths;
  • hydrangea.

A holiday bouquet doesn’t have to be red: florist shops offer many options for color combinations, monochrome and multi-colored armfuls of plants. Among the most popular are pale pink, cream, white, purple and coral shades. The younger the girl, the lighter the bouquet should be. Mature women are presented with compositions in rich colors.

The price and size of a bouquet for Valentine’s Day depends on what kind of relationship binds a woman and a man who gives her flowers. If the couple is at the very beginning of the relationship, it is better to opt for a modest bouquet. In this case, it is permissible to give one rose, several branches of lilac, alstroemeria, hydrangea, a small armful of spray roses. Such gifts can be made even outside a relationship.

When choosing a gift for a girl with whom the giver has been in a relationship for several months, florists recommend paying attention to exquisite compositions of three to five tulips, ranunculus or amaryllis, several branches of cymbidium and eustoma. A good gift option would be a modest bouquet in a hat box.

Men who choose flowers for a companion with whom they have a long-term relationship are advised to rely on the personal tastes of their beloved woman. If you want to please a girl with an unpredictable gift, refer to our catalog by selecting the section Valentine’s Day: the flowers presented in this category are decorated in ready-made compositional solutions.

Who gets flowers on Valentine’s Day?

In the culture of our country, February 14 is considered a strictly romantic holiday, however, in European states, everyone who has warm feelings is congratulated on this holiday. Americans congratulate children and parents, grandparents, friends and girlfriends, colleagues and neighbors on Valentine’s Day. For each of these people, they select separate gifts and flowers. Giving bouquets to men in American culture is not considered shameful, so fathers and grandfathers also receive laconic flower gifts.

Like any other holiday on which it is customary to give flowers, Valentine’s Day can be an occasion to congratulate any person dear to you, regardless of gender and age. Mom, grandmother or sister will be delighted with flowers no less than the beloved girl. To congratulate your family on the holiday of love, you can order the delivery of a basket of flowers and fruits.

How to add bouquets for Valentine’s Day?

When composing compositions, florists are often interested in what else will be included in the gift in order to create a bouquet that is combined with a toy, sweets or fruits. To make it easier for the donor, we offer ready-made gift sets, including designer flower arrangements, soft and ceramic toys, postcards, chocolate, paintings, aroma candles.

Flowers for Valentine’s Day may well be a self-sufficient gift if presented in a hat box or heart-shaped packaging. Compositions in transparent cubes will serve as a good alternative to flowers in a box: they will protect the gift from the February cold, snow and wind, and a floral sponge located in a separate compartment will keep the composition fresh for a long time.

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