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Floristry trends 2021

28 January
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In floristry, as in any other field of decorative arts, there are own concepts of fashion. They change annually, giving in to the influence of global design trends. Those who do not follow the floristic fashion may find themselves in an awkward situation: flowers with outdated design will bring the recipient more disappointment than joy, even if they were presented with only good intentions.

Floristry trends 2021 will help to understand which compositions will be relevant this year.

What’s fashionable in floristry 2021

Naturalness will become the main rule for making bouquets in 2021. This year’s ideal composition looks simple and minimalistic – as if the hand of the florist did not touch the composition. A bouquet that imitates a real flower meadow is considered “correct”: it combines central plants with lively decor. Even a slight negligence in the design is allowed: flowers in an armful do not have to be closely pressed together to make a beautiful composition. Flat plate bouquets are no longer relevant: instead of them, it is better to choose airy volumetric multilevel or asymmetric compositions.

The decor also obeys the rules of eco-style: no matter who and for what reason flowers are presented, it is better to dwell on living greens, gypsophila twigs, coconut leaves as decorations for them. The decor should be unobtrusive. It is added to the bouquet only to naturally emphasize and set off the beauty of the main plants. Bright, eye-catching decorative elements will be appropriate only in children’s bouquets and New Year’s floristry in 2021.

Among the flower solutions, both prefabricated compositions and mono bouquets remain equally relevant. The latter are also recommended to be laconic: even being modest, compositionally correct packaging will emphasize the sophistication of the bouquet. An alternative to a mono-bouquet is an armful of different plants, aged in the same tone. Mono-bouquets and compositions in one color, packed in a wrapper of the same tone or adjacent shades, look especially impressive.

Fashionable prefabricated bouquets of the current year are made up of diverse plants according to two principles:
“Glade”, in which all elements have the same compositional weight and are arranged in color groups or in a chaotic order; “Dominant” is a large and catchy central element around which plants, less significant in composition, are located.

In the coming year, florists draw the attention of buyers to mini-bouquets. In this case, the composition is based on the principle of dominance of the central bud, shaded by less bright or, on the contrary, contrasting buds and smaller inflorescences. Even wedding bouquets are made according to this principle this year. The central element, depending on the seasonal relevance, can be a large inflorescence of a delicate shade (for example, hydrangea), a bright field plant (poppy or sunflower), austere succulent (stone rose) or a refined exotic bud (orchid). The main rule of drawing up a bride’s bouquet is to combine it with a wedding dress and elements of wedding decor.

Packaging in modern floristry

As with decor, this season’s packaging should be discreet and sustainable. The florist community favors designs made from natural materials. Plastic and its derivatives in 2021 packaging are used in rare cases – for example, in cases with transparent cube boxes.

Craft paper

A simple and effective way to beautifully pack flowers. A variety of prints and shades of kraft paper allows you to create both strict (including men’s) design options, as well as voluminous, multi-colored and multilayer packaging.

Hat boxes

Flower boxes in the shape of a hat, a heart, a square, a circle or an oval are not new florists in 2021, but the new year has only strengthened the position of box packaging in the flower market. Compositions in boxes are not only beautiful, but also reliably protected: flowers in them last much longer than in ordinary bouquets.

Transparent cubes

Another design option for living plants, combining aesthetics and showiness. Eye-catching transparent boxes keep flowers fresh for longer and protect plants from the elements.

Wooden crates

Arrangements in wooden boxes can be of different sizes, from small, in which they give bouquets-compliments, to large ones, in which voluminous armfuls of wildflowers are placed.

Wicker baskets

In the trend of 2021, wicker baskets made of natural vine, painted in cream, white or pastel colors. Natural colored baskets can be presented with fruit.

Floral Color Trends 2021

The world of floristry, like the world of fashion and design, also follows certain trends and from year to year in the bouquets of leading florists or flower studios, you can trace the change in color solutions in bouquets.

For example, according to the Panton 2020 Color Institute, bright blue was recognized as the main color. Accordingly, in floristry, this was reflected in the appearance of a larger amount of blue in bouquets and packaging. Bright blue tulips have appeared.

The color of 2021, according to the institute, will be bright yellow and gray. We do not know exactly how the institute determines the color of the year, but to a greater or lesser extent the desire of people to see this color in clothes or bouquets coincides with the vision of the institute employees.

Yellow is the color of joy and sun. He adds brightness and celebration to bouquets. The most popular yellow flowers:

  • mimosa;
  • tulips;
  • ranunculus;
  • roses.
  • Gray is the color of calm and stability. A bouquet decorated in gray packaging concentrates the recipient’s attention on the content. Therefore, the florists of STUDIO Flores fully share the choice of the Institute’s employees and promise to delight you with bright sunny bouquets in 2021.

    Popular flowers in floristry

    In 2021, bouquets with David Austin’s English roses, Juliet’s shrub rose, Cajala and Cappuccino roses, peonies, wildflowers, daffodils and succulents are considered fashionable. Bouquets with protea and royal phalaenopsis are gaining more and more popularity.
    However, bouquets with tulips, irises, chrysanthemums, peonies, lilacs and ranunculus remain invariably popular.

    2021 will bring popularity to bouquets of dried flowers. To create them, ears, cotton flowers, pampas grass, helihrizum, gomphrena, craspedia, lagurus and lunar are used. Dried plants can also be combined in compositions with natural colors in pastel colors.

    When you need to choose a bouquet for a gift, remember not only about the trends in floristry, but also about what flowers the recipient of the gift likes. Follow the rules for choosing and decorating a bouquet, appropriate for the gender and age of the person to whom the flowers are intended. An ideal gift will not be the bouquet that modern floristry calls fashionable, but the one that the recipient will definitely like.

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