What flowers do everyone like?

30 January
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Choosing a bouquet for a girl is almost always a puzzle. Of course, the best solution is to give the flowers that she likes the most. But not everyone knows which plants the girl considers her favorite. Sometimes the girl herself does not know this. If you are familiar with this problem, floristry recommends turning to the most popular colors that remain relevant in any season.

What flowers do women like?

The most popular flowers on the planet are roses. This plant is considered royal – and for good reason: the name and type of roses are known even to those people who no longer know a single variety of flowers. Mankind has a long history with roses, rooted in antiquity: their buds and petals have been used in ritual ceremonies for many centuries, which endowed the flower with a sacred status. Variety and color variety allows every woman to find her favorite type of roses.

The following varieties are considered the most beautiful flowers among roses:

  • White O’Hara;
  • Snow;
  • David Austin (Juliet);
  • Piano;
  • Menta;
  • Tiffany;
  • Pink Mondial;
  • Naomi;
  • Memori;
  • Madame Bombastic;
  • Grand Prix;
  • Shangri La;
  • Rhoslyn.

Shades of roses suggest in what situations it would be appropriate to give them: red, symbolizing passion, are given to loved ones; pink as a romantic symbol are suitable for dates and congratulations for young girls; white, meaning purity of intentions and nobility, are presented to relatives, and also used in wedding bouquets.

The most beautiful kinds of flowers

Besides roses, seasonal and exotic plants are in great demand. A flower does not have to be expensive and sophisticated in order to please a girl: for example, armfuls of bright field inflorescences look spectacular both live and in the photo. And an experienced florist will create a beautiful composition even from seemingly simple buds.


These spring flowers are the second most popular in the florist market. Despite the seasonality, tulips remain relevant at any time of the year. Their strict buds are appropriate both in prefabricated compositions and in mono-bouquets, and in the design of the latter, a minimum of decor is used: wrapping paper, wavy ribbon or kraft envelope. Tulips are the best flowers for girls, suitable for a first date, anniversary of the beginning of a relationship or a wedding, for Valentine’s Day, March 8 and birthday. The more young a girl is intended for flowers, the more closed tulip buds are better to choose.


These exotic flowers can be presented both in bouquets and in pots: both options are equally good for young girls and mature women. An exquisite tropical plant symbolizes sensuality and femininity, therefore florists recommend giving bouquets with orchids only to well-known women with whom you have a serious relationship. A white orchid can be presented to close relatives: mother, sister, grandmother, and tiger, royal or pink – to friends.


They are in the top of girls’ favorite colors due to their noble severity, self-sufficiency and sophistication. They are chosen as a gift for a wedding, anniversary, date, as well as for congratulating a child. The beauty of the inflorescences is complemented by their durability: gerberas can be without water longer than other flowers, and in a vase they can remain fresh for seven to fourteen days. Plants of this variety look great in monochromatic and multi-colored mono bouquets, and also go well with other flowers in compositions.


Eustoma, or lisianthus, resembles a rose in appearance, so it is in great demand in bouquets. These flowers are “friends” with many others, which allows them to be used to create exquisite floristic compositions. Delicate eustoma is presented to girlfriends, colleagues, female friends. Congratulations with bouquets with this flower on your personal dates and professional holidays. Eustoma practically does not smell, which, combined with its attractive appearance, often makes it the basis of a bride’s bouquet.


Lush peonies with their luxury and aroma will delight a woman at any age. The most popular flower bouquets consist of peonies or compositions with them not only in late spring and early summer: this plant is part of autumn and winter flower gifts. When closed, peonies are given to young girls and women, and fully blossoming buds are added to compositions intended for people of age.


When we remember these flowers, the imagination immediately draws an English garden with tall bushes decorated with caps of hydrangeas washed with dew. The variety of colors is amazing: from snow-white to maroon, from sky blue to ash. Hydrangea blooms peak in August and early September. It is then that their hats reach their maximum size (sometimes up to 30 centimeters in diameter), then flowering begins to decline, but in the fall, delicate colors are replaced by bright, saturated ones: dark purple, gray-green, wine, ash-blue colors. It is customary to give hydrangea to significant events as part of both exclusive bouquets and as a lovely floral compliment – for no reason.

When choosing flowers that are popular among women, remember about potted plants: perhaps it will be more pleasant for a girl to receive not a bouquet, but a living flower that will remind her of you for a couple of years. An alternative to an ordinary bouquet and a potted plant is a composition in a hat box or an armful of dried flowers: such gifts will delight you with freshness longer than cut flowers in a vase, but do not require maintenance, unlike a flower in a pot.

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