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Corporate bouquets for March 8

23 February
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Gifts for employees are a mandatory part of the corporate culture. Of particular importance for companies are the dates for which gifts should be chosen in large quantities: professional holidays, New Year, women’s or men’s days. The difficulty in such situations lies in the selection of a universal gift that meets not only the rules of good taste in the business area, but also the status, age or hobbies of employees. Especially for these occasions, flower shops develop creative kits that make it easier for companies to choose. These include corporate gifts for March 8th.

How to choose gifts for the team?

There are no universal rules that would help to choose gift sets for any company. However, in accordance with unspoken corporate etiquette, it is better to choose gifts that have the following properties:

  • laconic. The simpler the gift, the more elegant it is: it is better to refuse the desire to please employees with cool surprises, choosing instead minimalistic, practical or even strict items;
  • compactness. Small gifts are easier to transport, so if the donated item is not intended to be placed at the workplace, it is important to think in advance whether it will be convenient for the employee to take the surprise home from the office;
  • restraint. A good gift combines both the solemnity of the moment and moderation, but in controversial moments it is better to opt for moderation.

These general characteristics of gifts are complemented by specific recommendations depending on the occasion of the congratulation and global corporate policy. For example, a bottle of strong alcoholic or sparkling wine is appropriate as a New Year’s greetings to employees of alcohol companies, but in sports organizations such a gift will look at least strange, especially if given to women.

Traditionally, the female gift format for any holiday is fresh flowers: they can be used to congratulate employees on both personal and professional holidays. Ideas for men’s sets – lunch boxes, thermo mugs, cooling stones for drinks and glasses.

What to present to female employees on March 8?

A bouquet of flowers is a simple, but not losing its relevance decision when choosing a gift for the female half of the team. On a spring holiday, flower arrangements are especially valuable: fragrant plants will invigorate the working atmosphere, dilute the winter monotony with bright colors and emphasize female beauty.

An alternative to flower bouquets will be edible: compositions of sweets or fruits, decorated in the form of an armful, packed in an elegant box or placed in a basket.

Another unusual option for congratulations is a combination of live plants with sweets, for example, macaroons. These fluffy cakes are like meringues with a light cream. They contain fewer calories than chocolate, so a little floral-edible compliment won’t hurt any girl’s figure.

Finally, if such a gift is within the scope of the corporate code, you can give your employees a box with flowers and sparkling wine – just like in the “Champagne Splash” bouquet. You can personalize your composition by adding a hand-signed postcard by your line manager or CEO.

What kind of flowers can you give to female employees?

A flower gift for March 8 to colleagues may consist of traditional spring plant species: tulips, hyacinths, mimosa, crocuses or daffodils. Flowers can be presented in the form of a mono bouquet, the main accent of which will be concentrated in the package, or you can combine several types of plants into a wonderful composition.

Other types of flowers are also suitable for a gift to female colleagues:

  • gerberas;
  • hydrangea;
  • irises;
  • calla lilies;
  • lisianthus;
  • magnolia;
  • orchid;
  • freesia.

When choosing compositions, it is better to stop at bouquets up to 40 cm in height and 50 cm in diameter: larger armfuls will cause the lady more inconvenience than pleasant emotions on the way home.

The number of flowers in a prefabricated composition depends on the type of plants that it includes: symmetrical bouquets can consist of either five or seven medium-sized buds or several dozen small inflorescences. Bouquets formed around a central element may have only one large flower surrounded by decor or small inflorescences. Florists recommend mono-bouquets for female employees to be composed of five to nine medium buds, seven to eleven small and three to five large ones.

The palette of bouquets serving as a sign of attention for female colleagues should be restrained. The best solution is a combination of neutral colors: blue, cream, light pink, yellow, green, coral. It is better to choose bright and saturated colors for corporate sets for the female part of the team at the age, and for young girls, bouquets of pastel colors with small expressive accents are suitable.

Flower gifts for March 8 colleagues

The creation of corporate bouquets by March 8 is distinguished by an individual approach to each company: the composition and size of the compositions are coordinated by the florists separately with the responsible person of the company. At the request of the client, the flower shop can create several identical bouquets or make different compositions, united by common details, for women of different ages or status. Florists can arrange corporate bouquets inexpensively in accordance with the company’s identity to emphasize the firm’s affection for its employees or partners, if the bouquet is ordered to congratulate customers.

A soft palette, flowers with neat buds and laconic decor are used by default to create corporate greeting sets.

Corporate bouquets can be ordered with delivery to the office or coworking space, as well as with targeted home delivery. In addition to a personal gift for every woman in the company, you can order flower decoration of the office and workplaces.

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