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How to have time to beautifully congratulate all your beloved women on March 8

23 February
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A traditional gift for a woman on March 8 is bouquets of flowers: delicate plants simultaneously symbolize admiration for female beauty and the rebirth of nature with the onset of spring. A flower arrangement presented at the beginning of March to a mother, girlfriend or wife, girlfriend, sister or colleague will express the man’s gratitude, love and respect without words.

Why do I need to pre-order flowers for March 8?

Not only men, but also women themselves strive to congratulate mothers, girlfriends and sisters on the spring holiday. This creates an influx of customers in flower shops, and, despite the preparation of florists for the increased demand for bouquets, many items from the flora catalog may not be available directly on the holiday. Therefore, the best solution is to pre-book the bouquet you like.

You can pre-order in almost all online stores, and in some of them ordering flowers in advance is even more profitable than choosing from the remaining positions on the last day. You can also pre-order flower arrangements in our store: this will allow you not to worry about having the right flowers on an important day, regardless of the required number of bouquets. Our corporate clients will receive a discount on orders by March 8th. The size of the discount, depending on the order volume, will be 5-20%.

In addition to the guaranteed receipt of the desired composition, pre-ordering flowers has another advantage: a courier can deliver a fresh bouquet to a woman’s house in the morning so that her day starts with a pleasant surprise. You can also order flowers by a certain time straight to the office, restaurant, theater or other institution, effectively starting or ending the evening with a gift.

Spring flowers on March 8

The most popular flowers that symbolize the spring holiday are tulips. Varietal variety and a wide palette of plants allow you to make a bouquet for your beloved woman, and for a close relative, and for a business partner. It is customary for wives and girls to give bouquets of red flowers, to relatives and girlfriends – yellow, and mothers and grandmothers – purple, burgundy and dark pink.

Nieces and daughters are presented with small bouquets of white or white-pink tulips, be sure with closed buds. If the composition is intended for an older woman, the flower bud should be opened.

The number of tulips in a bouquet depends on who will be given it: for women with whom you do not have a close relationship, florists recommend choosing compositions with 5-7 buds. A gift for loved ones can be limited only by your own sense of proportion: on the websites of flower shops you can find bouquets of thirty, fifty, one hundred, one hundred fifty and even two hundred tulips. When ordering a large arrangement, consider its weight and how comfortable it will be for a woman to handle the bouquet.

In addition to tulips, by March 8, women are given:

  • roses;
  • lilac;
  • ranunculus;
  • mimosa;
  • orchids;
  • lisianthus;
  • peonies;
  • hydrangea;
  • calla lilies;
  • amaryllis;
  • hyacinths;
  • irises.

The choice of bouquets depends on the assortment of the store and the taste of the recipient of the bouquet: if an elderly woman loves pink tulips or white roses, feel free to buy these flowers as a gift and do not pay attention to what the floristry says about them.

If you do not know what kind of fresh flowers a woman has favorite, stop at a composite composition. You can choose a bouquet of ready-made solutions in the website catalog or order a VIP bouquet, which the specialist will create after telling about the woman’s age and hobbies, as well as the nature of the relationship between you. Florists combine different types of plants so that together they make a harmonious composition that suits your lady.

An elegant solution for congratulating all your beloved women at once is an order for corporate-type bouquets: a specialist can create several compositions, united by a common theme, but differing in details. Such a gift will show all women dear to you that they are all equally important to you and that they are all united by your love.

Flower delivery on March 8 is not limited to bouquets only: the courier service works with gift sets, combined offers with flowers and fruits, and florists can complement flowers with soft toys, sweets and postcards.

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