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What flowers to give children

23 February
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The culture of giving flowers to children is not as popular as the tradition of buying them sweets or toys. Meanwhile, a child who receives flowers for his birthday gets in touch with the cultural traditions of society: girls learn to accept bouquets as signs of attention, and boys learn to show them, remembering how flowers are given. Children will not appreciate the sublime and semantic content of the composition, but due to their natural curiosity and attraction to bright colors, they will enjoy studying plants and their aroma. And for very young babies, the bouquet will help to playfully learn or repeat colors and shapes.

How to choose a bouquet of flowers for children

In order for a gift to bring joy to a child, it is better to choose it, adhering to the following rules:

  • The composition should be compact and lightweight. An excellent option is a bouquet with a base leg that matches the size of the baby’s palm: it will be easy and pleasant for him to hold flowers in his hand. The older the child, the greater the composition can be: when choosing a gift for a teenager, you can look closely at the “adult” positions in flower catalogs.
  • Plants should be bright. Bouquets in pastel colors are unlikely to attract children, but a combination with expressive shades will attract and delight little ones. In this case, the composition should not be full of: a combination of two or three colors will be enough.
  • Flowers should be moderately fragrant. Children will quickly lose interest in plants that are completely odorless, but varieties with a strong or intense aroma can cause a headache or even allergies in a child. Before you buy flowers for a child, be sure to ask his parents if the child has an inclination towards it.
  • The bouquet must be safe. A bouquet for children of flowers with thorns or sharp leaves that can hurt babies will not bring joy to either the child or his parents, and a negative experience of interacting with plants can leave a bad impression of flowers for life.

Flower bouquets for children

The correct choice of a gift depends on the type of holiday: for the birthday, children’s bouquets are made in the form of toys, animals, balloons. Compositions of living plants, the donation of which is timed to coincide with the graduation from kindergarten, admission to school or the end of the school year, can have a “wedding” form. And the bouquet that the baby receives in honor of March 8 may include spring flowers for children (primroses, tulips and violets). A good gift for a girl on International Women’s Day will be a mini-copy of the bouquet that her mother received.

The type of flowers that can be given to children also depends on their age: babies of the first year of life can be pleased with daisies, three-four-year-old children of both sexes will like a large decorative sunflower, and florists recommend giving gerberas to five-year-olds.

Entering elementary school coincides with the age at which boys are no longer given bouquets, while girls are given “adult” flowers: Kenyan roses, alstroemeria, freesia. When choosing a composition for a teenage girl, pay due attention to her character: for a modest and docile girl, choose a beautiful composition in gentle pastel colors, and for a naughty and cheerful one, collect mixes from expressive bright buds.

Flower bouquets for children of different genders

Tulips, carnations, chrysanthemums and asters are equally good for bouquets for boys and girls. The difference lies in the palette of bouquets: it is preferable for little men to give plants in blue, light blue, purple or green colors. Traditionally, pink, orange, and creamy shades become feminine from an early age. It is customary for a very little girl to give flowers of pure and fresh white tones.

For boys, florists recommend choosing irises, cornflowers, forget-me-nots and gladioli. Bouquets for young ladies are made up of lilies of the valley, spray roses, gypsophila, daisies and bells. The decor in boyish bouquets is either minimal or absent altogether, while compositions for girls are decorated with ribbons, bows and rattan figurines.

A bouquet of flowers in a box for children will delight both girls and boys: harmonious combinations of small buds with sweets, fruits or toys will leave not only pleasant impressions as a souvenir of a gift, but also the box itself, which children will surely find use in games. < / p>

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