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How to say thank you with flowers?

26 March
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Gratitude for the help, support and love can be expressed in different ways: choose the right words, wait for the right opportunity and help in return, or order a bouquet that will tell the recipient about your gratitude.

Whom and when you can thank flowers

You can thank the closest people with a bouquet for support in a difficult situation: parents, grandmothers, sisters or girlfriends. A flower gift will not only serve as an expression of gratitude, but also remind the recipient of your warm feelings. For these cases, you can choose personalized compositions.

You can also say “thank you” with flowers to a colleague, business partner or even a manager. For formal gratitude, it is better to choose a discreet minimalist bouquet in neutral shades.

You can also express your gratitude with flowers to your soul mate: girls will be delighted with gentle romantic messages in hat boxes, and a man will be pleased to receive a neat, strict bouquet with a bottle of good alcohol.

What flowers to present as a token of gratitude

Choosing a floristic way of expressing gratitude, one should not lose sight of the language of flowers: according to it, each plant has its own symbolic meaning, which can enhance or even change the meaning of the bouquet.

To create grateful compositions, florists use flowers with different “character”, from neutral background to provocative and extravagant. The choice of a bouquet depends on who and for what reason it is presented.


This bright and colorful flower carries a positive charge, and therefore will not only thank the addressee on your behalf, but will also be guaranteed to cheer him up. Gerberas are characterized by resistance: these plants can stand in a vase from ten days to two and a half weeks. The versatility of these colors allows you to include them in gift arrangements for people of any age.


Sunny black and yellow inflorescences symbolize optimism, hope and prosperity. They are known for their ability to always look at the light, so a bouquet of sunflowers, presented as a token of gratitude, is suitable for those who helped you find a landmark in a difficult situation.


Lush hydrangea inflorescences symbolize care and compassion, so they will tell you about your gratitude to the humble, polite people who substituted their friendly shoulder in difficult times.


Light graceful alstroemeria can be presented to both a young girl and an adult woman. Lily-like inflorescences are presented in lush mono-bouquets and combined compositions.

Chrysanthemums and asters

Restrained and even austere chrysanthemums and asters are a good option for men’s thank you bouquets. These flowers symbolize warm, friendly and kindred feelings, and therefore are suitable as a gift for mothers and grandmothers.


Delivery of a mono bouquet of red roses can be ordered for your beloved woman, and sketches in neutral shades and prefabricated compositions with these flowers can even be presented to a business partner.

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