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How do you collect bouquets in hat boxes? Master class from florists

29 March
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A flower arrangement in a box is a memorable and self-sufficient gift that can delight the recipient with the beauty of fresh flowers for a long time. The flower box can be used as an interior decoration or an original box. You can buy such a composition in any florist store, and if you have patience, theoretical knowledge and show your imagination, you can build a bouquet in a box yourself. The price of a hand-picked gift will be several times lower than in stores, and the love put into the creation will make the composition truly priceless.

Bouquets in hat boxes: preparatory stage

First, think about who and what composition you want to compose. When creating a gift for a girl, you can make a choice in favor of a light box in the shape of a heart. If the composition is for a man, buy a dark box. You can choose a box with partitions or zone the interior space yourself to complement the flowers with sweets and other treats. Pay attention to the quality and strength of the box: when you press on its wall, there should be no dents in the cardboard, and there should be no visible seams and gaps.

To create a composition, you will need a floral oasis, which is a sponge or foam that retains liquid. Prepare cling film, scotch tape and a sharp knife, the actual flowers, fresh greenery and decorative elements (optional).

Flower arrangements in a box are combined in size and shade. To choose the right bouquet palette, choose triads, tetrads, similar or complementary combinations along Itten’s color wheel. The composition should include plants of three types: large, serving as reference points; medium, filling the space between large, and small, shading large buds with a background.

Arrangement in a hat box: master class from a florist

We proceed to the direct collection of the composition. We put cling film on the bottom of the hat box and fix its edges with tape: this is necessary in order to protect the cardboard if the box is not moisture resistant. A floral oasis needs to be soaked in water.

Important! The sponge or foam, which will serve as a source of liquid for the plants, must not be “heated”, otherwise only the edges will be saturated with moisture, and the oasis inside will remain dry, and the composition will quickly deteriorate. Place the sponge on the water and wait for it to passively sink to the bottom of the tank. The oasis can only be used after that.

Place the oasis saturated with moisture on plastic wrap at the base of the box. Trim the edges of the oasis to fit a box, if necessary.
Before placing the flowers in the hat box, their stems must be cut with a sharp knife in accordance with the height of the box. Make sure that the flower does not rest against the bottom of the box: this way it will not be able to drink and will wither on the very first day.

Immerse the stems in the oasis 2 to 3 cm immediately after cutting. When rearranging the flower, trim it again. Install plants in the thickness of the sponge at an angle of 20-30 °, placing first large supporting flowers (roses, peonies, orchids). To arrange the flowers evenly, you can rotate the box to see it from different angles.

After installing large buds, fill in the gaps first with medium and then small inflorescences. Last but not least, live greenery and decor are installed.

Decorate the box with satin ribbon, crepe paper, lace or lettering at the center and edges of the box if desired.

Beautiful flowers in a hat box are ready! You can add a greeting card to your gift.

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