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29 March
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Christians around the world consider the bright holiday of Easter to be the most significant of the year, and non-religious people associate this day with the beginning of a new life cycle. The theme of the awakening of nature is reflected in the symbols of this holiday: the traditional attribute of the Easter table is the willow branches, the first to bloom in our area. In the old days, it was customary to decorate houses with small willow bouquets inside and out. Today, the tradition of decorating premises for Easter has spread to the interiors of offices: preparing space for the holiday begins with decorating employees’ workplaces and includes Easter corporate gifts.

Easter interior decoration

An original and stylish way to decorate a workspace is to order a thematic floral design. The proposals of flower studios for corporate clients allow us to develop individual decor ideas, in which the spring Easter theme will organically combine with the corporate identity of the company. The design concept directly depends on the scope of the company, the number of its employees and the internal layout of the premises.

Festive office decoration with fresh flowers usually includes:

  • decorating the reception;
  • the work of florists in the open space or in the offices of employees;
  • decoration of meeting and meeting rooms;
  • selection of decor for executive offices.

Office decoration for Easter

Easter theme involves decorating workrooms with traditional symbols of the holiday: figurines of rabbits, hares and chickens, dyes and Easter cakes, willow bundles, adapted to the atmosphere of the office. Corporate clients usually prefer interior compositions in which traditional Easter symbols are presented in restrained interpretations and small quantities. So, in interior wreaths and compositions for Easter, you can find both eggs and Easter cakes, but this decor does not strike the eye and rather sets off the general style of the etude than sets accents in it.

Easter decor is usually done in warm colors, lining up around the main color. By default, this color is yellow: it associates with sunlight and fills the space with a positive. Also, Easter decor must be complemented with bright greenery.

Interior compositions for Easter, used to decorate workspaces, are usually made in the form of small bouquets-nests or sheaves, in which live plants are combined with vine branches or a bamboo frame. An interesting option for Easter office decorations is wreaths woven of willow and willow, decorated with stabilized moss and bright dried flowers.

Corporate Easter Gifts

Easter gifts for company employees are usually represented by baskets with flowers, sweets, fruits, dyes and Easter cakes, to which you can optionally add wine. Such a gift is a ready-made Easter basket, with which parishioners go to church services on the holiday of Resurrection. And the basket itself can later be used as an interior decoration.

Gifts of this kind include flower arrangements in transparent glass vases: the base of such bouquets consists of weaves of willow and decorative vines, and a floral oasis is hidden under the flowers in the center, which nourishes the plants with moisture. This will prolong the life of the flowers, and the composition will keep the freshness incomparably longer than a regular bouquet of cut plants. A beautiful glass vase remains a stylish piece of furniture even after several years.

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