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What flowers to give a teacher for graduation?

28 April
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  • How to choose a bouquet for a teacher for graduation
  • Graduation flower bouquet for the class teacher
  • Graduation Flowers for School Administration
  • The graduation party is an important event in the life of not only students, but also their teachers: for many years of training, teachers become attached to schoolchildren, and parting with children invariably causes light sadness among the teaching staff of the school. In gratitude for the knowledge gained, yesterday’s schoolchildren give their teachers graduation bouquets, thereby emphasizing the touching and significance of the farewell evening.

    How to choose a bouquet for a teacher at prom

    The choice of a bouquet is primarily determined by the age of the teacher: the younger the teacher, the lighter flowers can be given. For a young teacher, you can choose cream, white, light pink and blue plants. For older teachers, flowers are suitable for noble burgundy, exquisite purple or rich orange shades. Male teachers are usually presented with purple or blue flowers.

    There are no strict recommendations regarding the choice of flowers by variety: the florists’ instructions boil down to the advice to choose classics for older teachers and not be afraid to experiment when choosing a bouquet for young teachers. So, teachers with little work experience can be presented with unusual bouquets with eustoma, anemones and freesia. Compositions of tulips, ranunculus or gerberas can be presented to both young and mature ladies, while lush peonies, roses and chrysanthemums are best left for teachers of venerable age.

    Male teachers can be presented with a strict vertical bouquet of irises, gladioli or calla lilies.

    Florists recommend giving preference to prefabricated compositions: firstly, mixes look more voluminous and richer than mono-bouquets, and secondly, a gift in the form of an armful of plants of the same variety can be misinterpreted (especially if the recipient of such a gift is familiar with the language of flowers , but the donor does not).

    Graduation flower bouquet for homeroom teacher

    The composition for the class teacher can be superior to the gifts for the rest of the teachers, since this teacher pays more attention to the students every day, showing concern for all aspects of each student’s life. It is appropriate for this teacher to give large bouquets, including those consisting of one variety of plants.

    If the homeroom teacher is a young girl, the teacher’s graduation bouquet can be made up of beautiful light pinks, creams, and pastels. For mature teachers of both sexes, bouquets of burgundy roses are suitable: for men it is better to choose varieties with strict buds (for example, Ecuadorian ones), and a female composition can be made from Piano roses.

    Graduation Flowers for School Administration

    For teachers who hold administrative posts, you can order the delivery of author’s compositions for the holiday. Floral etiquette recommends giving prefabricated bouquets to people with whom you have a business relationship or those whose nature and color preferences are unknown to you. The florist will create a discreet but effective gift in which he will balance the moderate luxury of flowers and laconic decor. Major flower shops offer their customers to place a corporate order for the prom, which will include several bouquets for the school administration, united by a common design style.

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