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Guide to choosing flowers: a bouquet for your beloved mother for a holiday

02 May
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On the second Sunday of May, residents of our country traditionally congratulate their mothers, wives, sisters and girlfriends on Mother’s Day, expressing their respect for their dedication, wisdom and love for children. Sons and daughters, husbands, fathers and friends say the warmest words to existing and future mothers on this day, delight women with surprises and give fresh flowers. In order for the bouquet to bring only joy and keep freshness as long as possible, and the very moment of its donation will remain in your mother’s memory for life, follow a few simple recommendations for choosing flowers.

Choosing flowers for Mother’s Day: general recommendations

To choose a bouquet that will not lose its attractiveness just a few days after delivery, remember the main distinguishing features of freshly cut plants:

  • The leaves of the flower have an even green color without unhealthy brown or black blotches (if this is not provided for by the varietal characteristics of the plant). There are no kinks, tears and “wounds” on them, they are raised relative to the stem.
  • The cut surface of the flower is smooth, green, without plaque and mucus.
  • The petals in a good bud fit snugly against the base, they are resilient and easily return to their original position if they are slightly bent.
  • The bud adheres freely to the stem of the plant without a net, elastic band or other methods of fixation. Tricky means of fixing include sequins fixed on the petals with varnish: most often their presence on the flower indicates an attempt to hide the staleness or damage to the bud.

When choosing a bouquet, ask the florists how the elements of the composition are combined with each other. Flower compatibility can also affect the lifespan of a bouquet: for example, compositions in which daffodils are combined with other plant varieties will have a relatively short life, so these flowers are best presented in mono bouquets.

Finally, remember the aroma of plants: strong-smelling flowers can bring more problems than joy. Only give flowers with a rich aroma if you know that your mother definitely loves them.

Bouquet for Mother’s Day: what flowers can you give?

The simplest solution is to give my mother her favorite flowers, the ones she is happy with, regardless of the occasion. If the flowering period of your mother’s favorite plants does not coincide with the holiday or you just want to surprise your dear woman with an unexpected gift, when choosing a bouquet, you can turn to the language of flowers.


The classics of congratulations expressing love and all kinds of affection are roses. Pink buds will be an excellent option for a gift to mom. Select the intensity of the shade in accordance with the age of the recipient of the bouquet: young girls who have recently become a mother or are just awaiting replenishment in the family can be presented with light pink spray or Kenyan roses. For older mothers, dark crimson Ecuadorian flowers or Shangri La roses are more suitable.


Large fragrant buds are ideal for both young girls and mature ladies: light semi-closed peonies in delicate packaging will be a pleasant gift for a young mother, and flowers of a deep purple hue can be used to make a composition or a mono bouquet for experienced mothers in middle and old age .


Despite the fact that a carnation seems to be an unassuming and modest flower, mono-bouquets of carnations and compositions with these plants look very beautiful and impressive. Japan and the United States regard the carnation as a symbol of maternal love, which is the best fit for the theme of the holiday.


Orchids are the most frequent guests from the tropics, already familiar to the inhabitants of our latitudes. Many moms adore these flowers, cultivating them at home as potted plants. If your mother is one of those whose windowsills are decorated with phalaenopsis, brassia or cymbidium, feel free to present a bouquet with orchids for Mother’s Day.

A loving person can make a woman a very special gift by ordering an author’s bouquet for her. To create an individual composition, the florist-designer will ask the customer a few questions about the recipient of the bouquet, and based on the answers received, he will select flowers that are ideal for the woman in character.

A bouquet for Mother’s Day will be replaced by a spectacular arrangement in a hat box, an elegant basket or a transparent cube. The box will make the gift more presentable, and the floral sponge laid on the bottom of the composition will keep the flowers fresh much longer than if they were in a vase.

Flowers for Mother’s Day: shades and combinations

According to the rules of flower etiquette, the shade of the bouquet should correlate with the age of the recipient: the younger the girl who is intended for the flowers, the lighter the composition palette can be (up to pure white). The older the woman, the deeper and more intense shades can be included in the bouquet for her.

You can also choose a flower gift based on your mother’s temperament: for emotional and energetic ladies, a bouquet can be made of bright and juicy flowers of orange, violet-blue, red and yellow plants. Compliant, gentle and calm personalities are more suitable mixes in soft pastel colors: muted pink, pale blue, light yellow, cream and turquoise.

If you cannot attribute your mother to either temperamental or modest ladies, present her with a mix of several bright plants, shaded with background flowers of muted shades. It is ideal if the shade of the central plants matches your mother’s favorite color – this way you will not only please her with congratulations, but also show that you know her tastes well.

You can supplement the congratulations with a small postcard. Sign it by hand, telling your mom how much she means to you – it will make any gift unforgettable, even if you do not rank in the top ten with the choice of the flowers themselves.

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