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What to give mom for Mother’s Day?

02 May
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Mother’s Day in our country is traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday of May, and loving children use this holiday as another spring occasion to express gratitude to their mothers for their care and love. To make the congratulation memorable for a long time, sincere warm words can be supplemented with an original gift in the form of a certificate for the purchase of equipment, cosmetics or jewelry, tickets to a concert or theater, cute souvenirs or necessary things. Gift ideas directly depend on what the mother is interested in, but there is also a universal version of congratulations that any woman will appreciate: fresh flowers collected in a harmonious composition. The assortment of the floristic market allows you to find the right solution for each case: among the proposals there are small complimentary bouquets that complement the main gift, and luxurious armfuls of flowers, which may well be considered a full-fledged present.

Bouquet for Mother’s Day

The choice of flowers for this spring holiday depends on the age of the woman you want to congratulate, her preferences and character. The general rules of floristry prescribe to give young girls bouquets in gentle, calm colors. To congratulate a very young mother on the holiday, you can give her a white, light pink, cream, pale blue bouquet or a combination of plants in shades of cappuccino, champagne and crème brulee. To create such compositions, roses are chosen, giving special preference to bush and peony varieties, tulips, ranunculus, eustoma and daffodils. According to the rules of flower etiquette, plant buds in bouquets for young women should be closed or not more than half open.

The mother of an adult child can be given flowers with fully open lush buds. Bouquets for mature women are decorated in noble rich shades of purple, violet, burgundy. The compositions include orchids, callas, chrysanthemums, gerberas and dahlias.

The age of the woman to whom the flowers are intended also determines the choice of the form and decor of the gift. Florists collect compositions for young girls in harmonious rounded and unusual asymmetrical bouquets with “airy” packaging and delicate decorative elements. Gifts for older ladies are made in sophisticated cascading or sophisticated vertical compositions, while giving preference to a moderate but effective decor.

Floristics also recommends paying attention to the character of a woman: classic bouquets are suitable for conservative mothers, and unusual and even extravagant compositions can be chosen for courageous personalities. However, the best gift option would be mother’s favorite flowers: if you know which plants she likes more than others, feel free to give them exactly, even if it contradicts the rules of floral etiquette.

How to add flowers for Mother’s Day

An ordinary bouquet may seem like a modest gift. To turn flowers into a self-sufficient token of attention, complement them with nice little things.


A small cute postcard signed by the hand of a loving person will turn the bouquet into a festive message, the memory of which mom will carry through the years. The covering letter will especially warm the hearts of those mothers whose children cannot personally congratulate them on this holiday. At the stage of ordering, many flower shops also offer customers a verbal congratulation service: in this case, the courier delivering the bouquet literally transfers the sender’s words to the recipient of the gift.


A good gift for mom is a box in which live plants and sweets are harmoniously combined: sweets, chocolate, macaroon cakes or muffins. For girls who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and do not overuse sweets, you can give energy bars, low-calorie marshmallows or marshmallows, as well as sugar-free sweets and fitness jams.


An alternative to sweets is fresh fruit: you can congratulate even those mothers who are on a diet with them. An elegant basket, in which fruits are located on one side, and flowers immersed in a moisture-retaining oasis, on the other, will not only delight mother on a holiday, but also remind of congratulations even after several years: the basket can be used both as a decorative piece of furniture, and how functional (for example, you can store your household items in it).

Fancy Flowers for Mother’s Day

An original gift option – flowers in hat boxes or transparent cubes. Compositions designed in this way not only look beautiful, but also retain their freshness much longer than ordinary cut flowers. Under the “head” of the buds, there is a sponge soaked in water, or a real reservoir of liquid. To prolong the life of plants, it is enough to add a small amount of fresh water to such a reservoir or sponge every few days.

Ready-made gift sets, in which all components are in harmony in style and design, also look spectacular. Such kits are usually placed in a branded box with a logo and a transparent lid that allows you to see what is inside. The box is tied with a satin ribbon, which gives the gift a special charm.

What other gift for mom to choose

You can congratulate your beloved woman on Mother’s Day not only with flowers. Practical personalities will like home accessories, for example, an elegant flower vase, which can be used both for its intended purpose and as an independent decor in the interior.

Slightly more sentimental moms can be delighted with scented candles. Decorated in the form of a glass, snuff box or container with a lid, they will fill the house with coziness and warmth, reminding your mother of your love and gratitude.

Mothers of very young children can be given a romantic gift: present a teddy hare, bear or unicorn, thereby emphasizing her connection with the baby. The soft toy can be either a stand-alone gift or an addition to the main surprise.

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