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The best flowers for the last call

30 May
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Every year, at the end of May, hundreds of students rush to school with bouquets to congratulate classmates and teachers on the end of the next (and for some, the last) school year and go on a long summer vacation. As a token of gratitude to teachers for their patience and wisdom, children give them flowers at the last bell, while laying the choice of a congratulatory composition on their parents. In this post we will tell you which bouquets are best for the last bell holiday.

Bouquet for the teacher on the last call: selection rules

Flowers for congratulations are chosen taking into account the gender and age of the teacher, following the traditional recommendations of florists: to create men’s bouquets, they prefer strict burgundy, purple and blue plants, making them in vertical compositions with a minimum amount of decor. Women teachers of young and young age are presented with light bouquets in pastel colors, while teachers with more experience are more suitable for lush compositions of deep, rich colors.

Male teachers are presented with bouquets of calla lilies, irises and gladioli. Flower gifts for female educators are made up of:

  • eustoma;
  • anemones;
  • freesia;
  • gerberas;
  • tulips;
  • ranunculus;
  • peonies;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • roses.
  • It is better for a subject teacher to give a gift in the form of a prefabricated composition, but a mono-bouquet can also be presented to a class teacher. Regardless of how many types of flowers are included in a congratulatory bouquet, florists recommend minimizing the amount of decor (especially in men’s bouquets), using fresh greens, ears, berries and moss as decorations.

    To reduce costs, make it easier for each teacher to choose a bouquet and at the same time be sure that all compositions will have common features, you can order a corporate line of bouquets in any florist shop that provides such a service.

    Personalized bouquets for teachers on the last call

    To express a separate personal gratitude to the teacher or to note his special importance for the child, you can contact the florist to create a personalized bouquet. Most often, such bouquets are given to teachers by graduates on the last day of apprenticeship, expressing gratitude for many years of work and care.

    A personalized bouquet can consist of one variety of plants and be aged in monochrome, or include several shades of flowers of the same variety. An armful of roses would be a good option for such a gift: austere and majestic Ecuadorian roses in burgundy shades will suit older teachers of both sexes, and cream, light pink and even white peony roses will delight young teachers.

    Personalized bouquets can include:

  • orchids;
  • tulips;
  • hydrangeas;
  • alstroemeria;
  • irises;
  • matiolu;
  • peonies;
  • clematis;
  • daffodils;
  • hyacinths;
  • lilac;
  • serruria.
  • A bouquet made for a particular teacher does not have to consist of one type of plants: it can combine several flowers of different sizes and shades at once, combined into an exquisite bright or sophisticated pastel sketch.

    Bouquet for the last call: from purchase to delivery

    Choosing a suitable bouquet for a teacher is only half the battle: buying a flower gift in advance, you need to make sure that the composition retains an attractive appearance until the moment of the solemn presentation and survives several hours without water before the teacher puts the flowers in the vase.

    When buying armfuls of plants with open stems, their tips should be cut with a sharp knife at an angle of 45 °, immediately placing the bouquet in previously settled or cooled boiled water. To preserve beautiful roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, gerberas and freesias, it is better to immerse compositions with them in cold water. It is better to put bouquets with orchids and armfuls of daffodils in warm liquid, and lilacs will be glad even in hot water.

    Flowers in a hat box do not require any special care: it is better to just keep them in a cool place until they are presented. It is better to choose such gift options for the graduation party, in which the teacher will receive only one or two bouquets from the students: a voluminous box, with all its effectiveness, is not very convenient to transport home.

    Some parents and their committees order the delivery of bouquets directly on the holiday directly to the schoolyard. This deprives the student and his parents of worries on an already troublesome day, keeping the flowers as fresh and attractive as possible. However, in such cases, you should contact only proven flower shops, and the order itself is best done a week before the last call or graduation: this way you will be sure that the necessary plants will be in stock, and the bouquet itself will be delivered on time so that the students will delight their favorite teachers. not only with words of gratitude, but also with the best colors.

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