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Bouquet 'Last bell'

Now it's easier look around Peony tulips. Site https://flores-shop.com.ua/ can do colorful bouquets vip for a christening or other holiday. Section Inexpensive bouquets can live up to expectations the most demanding clients. Good prices for Bouquet "Gratitude", Balloon Happy birthday male, Bouquet of 25 white freesias will allow you to buy inexpensive. Gentle delivery Boryspil and to other districts of Kiev. The best specialists STUDIO Flores at a bargain price will embody any flower idea. Bouquet "Last bell" — the best choice for a gift profitable.

Bouquet “Last bell”

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Delivery of a pleasant flower compliment in the morning is a guarantee of excellent mood for the whole day!

Sprig of bush rose Snow World, gerbera, astilba, 3 lagurus, eucalyptus, achilea.


The end of the school year is always accompanied by congratulations from teachers. They purchase a general bouquet from their parents, and everyone can separately congratulate the class teacher.

“Gerberas were introduced to the world at the end of the 18th century. The first name is “transvaal chamomile”. Flowers, loving moisture and sun, are able to stand up to 3 weeks in a vase after cutting, preserving their natural attractiveness. “

See how unusual the composition, formed from gerbera and bush rose Snow World, looks. Small-flowered achilea together with astilba accentuate the pink center of the gerbera. White torches of the lagurus rush upwards, and the eucalyptus nobly frames the vegetative subject. Branded wrapping paper in a tone slightly darker than the powdery tone pays the triumph of youth and noble impulse.

Buy roses, gerberas with delivery

“Last Call” is not strictly thematic. We suggest ordering such a bouquet for September 1, Teacher’s Day and any day when you want to present these flowers to a loved one. If desired, we will replace the packaging with a different color, adjust the composition parameters, including a certain number of herbal ingredients.

How is flower delivery in Kiev carried out?

1. We regularly bring fresh products to the STUDIO Flores office so that the florists will make the bouquets ordered by the clients on time.
2. An hour or two before the time appointed in the application, the courier leaves for a meeting. He is very careful with the herbal composition, which is handed over to the recipient intact.
3. If the flowers are given to the person to be gifted by the courier of the online store, we send a report with a photo to the customer’s Viber.

Buy a bouquet online

We highlighted the flower arrangement in detail, told when to give and how the delivery takes place. It remains to add a couple of suggestions about ordering flowers.

We have moved away from the standard scheme offered by other flower shops: come – choose – get. It is much easier for both parties to interact online. The client fills out the form, we consider it, call up and schedule the delivery of the bouquet.
If you went to the site to buy flowers, you are ready to fulfill this wish like fairies.

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