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How to order flowers online?

24 February
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Life circumstances can force family and friends to be temporarily or permanently in different cities and countries, even on the most important days. Address flower delivery is a good way to support your loved ones in difficult moments or congratulate them on significant dates, no matter what distance separates you. To use this service, you need to know how to order flowers online. The procedure for placing an online order takes a little time, which is incomparable with the joy of the recipient of the bouquet.

How to order a bouquet of flowers?

To make a flower gift for your mom, girlfriend, sister or girlfriend, find a florist with a courier service. Start your acquaintance with the service by studying the terms of payment and delivery of the order in the sections of the site of the same name. If the format of the store suits you, open the catalog with flower arrangements. After choosing among the presented positions the one that you like more than others, click on the buy button.

You can leave the recipient’s contact information in the order form. Some online stores have a button “Buy in One Click”: clicking on it confirms the choice of a composition. A one-click purchase will save you time: you only leave your phone number in the order form, which will call you back to find out the recipient’s address and other details.

When figuring out how to order flower delivery, remember: a bouquet can be sent either directly to the recipient by courier, or to your home if you do not want to transfer the gift through third parties. When placing an order, indicate the desired date and time of receiving flowers. The courier delivering the bouquet can convey to the recipient any of your words: just indicate them at the stage of filling out the order form. You can add a souvenir or a postcard to the composition: sometimes they need to be selected separately in the catalog.

After choosing a bouquet and additional accessories, you need to mark a convenient payment method for your order. Flower shops usually allow you to pay for the bouquet in cash upon receipt, online through a secure payment system, or pay by bank transfer.

How to order flowers online to another city

Ordering a flower gift for residents of another city is not much different from a similar service for your locality: finding a store, studying the terms of payment and delivery, clarifying details.

If a courier has to deliver a gift to a closed residential complex, a hostel or an institution with a strict access system, it is unlikely that it will be possible to make a completely unexpected surprise: upon arrival, the courier will have to call the recipient and inform about the delivery of the bouquet. In order to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant situations in such cases, it is better to notify the person to whom the flowers are addressed about the planned gift in advance. You can do the same if you do not know the recipient’s address: leave the courier the phone number of the addressee of the bouquet, and he will figure out where best to deliver the flowers.

It is not necessary to provide your name and surname to the recipient: some flower shops deliver compositions anonymously, without declassifying the identity of the customer. Before ordering a bouquet of flowers to another city, you can ask the store representative to send a photo of the finished bouquet. From another city, you can order not only fresh flowers, but also indoor ones: in this case, you can ask for a photo of a plant in a pot.

How to order a bouquet to another country?

You can book a floral gift to another country in the same way as ordering a bouquet of flowers to another city with delivery. For an international order, you will need detailed information about the addressee: last name and first name, phone number and address. Based on the choice of the bouquet and the possible delivery method, local florists will contact you within a few hours after submitting the application to inform the estimated price of the service. It will be possible to pay for the order only after you are convinced of the reliability of the service and the acceptability of the delivery cost.

When ordering a bouquet online, regardless of the city in which the addressee lives, take into account the demand for flowers: before major, especially international holidays, it is better to order a few days in advance. Consider how comfortable the addressee will be with the bouquet if it is not delivered home. Pay for the services of the store and courier only after thoroughly examining the guarantees and only through secure payment systems.

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