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What does the color of the bouquet mean? The language of flowers

29 March
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When buying fresh flowers with the intention of giving them to friends or loved ones, we pay attention to their variety and number of buds, the size and aroma of inflorescences, as well as the general mood of the bouquet, often completely ignoring the palette of the etude. However, the color of the bouquet is just as important as the size and design of the composition. The symbolism of the type and color of plants is reflected in the language of flowers. The interpretation of the meaning of each color can vary greatly in different countries, therefore, when giving a bouquet to representatives of an unfamiliar culture, it is better to additionally find out what a particular color symbolizes in the addressee’s home country.

Meaning of color colors

The language of flowers considers the meaning of each individual plant, therefore, not only the symbolism of the same flower of different shades may differ, but also the meaning of different plants of the same color. Speaking about what color of flowers means, you should remember about the relativity of these interpretations.


As a symbol of purity and purity in Slavic culture, in eastern countries, white is considered a mourning color. It is customary to give bouquets in light colors to young girls, brides and young mothers as a symbol of freshness and beauty. In compositions, this color is considered neutral. White bouquets are not suitable for older people.


Some common interpretations of shades are erroneous. Cultural phenomena, such as the tulip song, can be a source of color misinterpretations, which causes people to misunderstand the yellow color of flowers, which has nothing to do with separation. The correct interpretation of yellow is an expression of warm friendly and kindred feelings. Bright sunny flowers can be presented to mom, grandmother, friend and colleague. A yellow rose would be a good gift: the value of a mono bouquet of them can be considered as gratitude for a good relationship.


Intense orange symbolizes spiritual strength, pride and great power. Mono-bouquets in bright orange tones are given for promotions, creative successes, and also in those cases when they want to wish the recipient of flowers good luck. Orange buds can also be gifted to men if combined with other cold-colored plants.


Scarlet color speaks of passion, desire and strong feelings, therefore, it is customary to give mono-bouquets in red tones to spouses and partners. In some cases, scarlet flowers can symbolize inner freedom, fortitude and the will to win. This allows you to present compositions with red shades to those whom you would like to congratulate on an important achievement.


17 розовых роз

The pink color of the flower speaks of tender feelings, nascent love, touching care and subtle beauty. Bouquets in soft pink shades are presented to young girls, giving preference to small, half-closed buds. The richer versions of pink are suitable for older women. In these cases, plants with large inflorescences are chosen, which have opened more than half or completely.


This rich color is associated with majesty, dignity and sensuality. All shades of purple are suitable for women in adulthood: mom, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, colleague or teacher. It is also appropriate to give purple flowers to men of all ages.


Cold compositions are ambiguous as to what the color of the flowers in them means: on the one hand, blue is considered a symbol of longing, on the other, a sign of determination, confidence and calmness. A bouquet of blue flowers can tell a person that the giver can be relied on in any situation. Compositions in this cool tone are well suited for men, and in women’s bouquets, blue buds are combined with neutral or warm shades.


In nature, there are only a few types of flowers of green shades, so such a bouquet will be an original gift for creative individuals who appreciate everything stylish and unusual. Green symbolizes peace, beauty and the power of life, serves as a reminder of the importance of harmony with others.


The traditional meaning of black in Slavic culture is mourning, while in the East all shades of black are considered a sign of purity. Dark bouquets are sent as a sign of respect to the deceased, however, depending on the situation, spectacular compositions with black flowers can be presented to men or bold, extravagant women.

Bicolor bouquets

The usual interpretation of shades is more related to mono bouquets. Compositions in which two colors are combined are not usually interpreted in accordance with the language of flowers. Two-tone bouquets are usually presented to women, and florists do not recommend considering such compositions as a hidden message and trying to find out what the color of the flowers presented means. The only correct interpretation of such a gift is the desire to give the recipient of the bouquet joy and pleasure.

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