Christmas wreaths on the door

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For a believer, whether he is Catholic or Christian, Christmas, Easter and the Trinity are considered the most important Orthodox holidays of the year. Unmarried girls were divining at Christmas, on this day mothers blessed their children with a special prayer of dedication to the Lord.

Christmas wreath, as an invariable symbol of the holiday, hung on the front door, placed inside above the entrance of the living room, fixed on the windowsill. Weaves of vines, rattan, coniferous branches, artificial materials, adding elements in the form of ribbons, bells, cones. People in wealthy families in the 20th century laid a wreath on the table and added candles to it.

The festive accessory designated the eternal wheel of life, purification through the fire of candles, acceptance into the family of God through confirmation of Christ’s sacrifice (it was symbolized by a red ribbon woven into needles). The Christmas composition with a candle that was lit when everyone gathered at the table, foresaw the beginning of a common prayer in which they thanked God the Father for the birth of the Son of the Redeemer, asked for health, longevity, harvest on earth, a comfortable existence.

Unbelievers considered the wreath for Christmas a common holiday symbol and did not participate in prayer rituals. However, they also supported the annual tradition by purchasing at least one product per family.

Varieties of Christmas wreaths

    1. With balls, angels and ribbons. They were considered the most common in the world, they meant spiritual protection.
    2. An analogue of the winter interpretation. They consisted of a coniferous circle, white-painted dried plants and transparent Christmas balls.
    3. The table composition for Christmas was supplemented by a nest with birds (for arranging the life of a young family and the appearance of children).
    4. To the delight of the children, a little Santa Claus, deer and the Snow Maiden, who bring gifts from the far North, were put to the New Year’s wreath.
    5. If there was nothing to decorate the wreath, berries of viburnum were woven into it. They looked bright against a green background splashed with artificial snow.
    6. An unforgettable aroma was distinguished by a wreath for the New Year, composed of dried dried fruits. Sliced ​​oranges, lemons, cinnamon sticks created the aroma of summer comfort, which tunes the cold, winter evenings to soon warming and the arrival of spring.

The meaning of the wreath was very multifaceted. It was a symbol of purification, a rebirth to a new life, a turning point, the full entry of winter into its rights, achievements and success, hope for the best.

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