Office decoration with flowers

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Gone are the days when men smiled indulgently, seeing the daily female efforts to water the flowers, remove dust from the broad leaves of plants in the office. Previously, independent landscaping of a workroom was tantamount to introducing a piece of home comfort into the austerity of tall cabinets, large windows and monochrome walls. Women brought ficuses, geraniums, planted sprouts, which eventually turned into lush thickets, looked after dwarf palms, monster, fatsia, chlorophytum. Those who were fond of Feng Shui brought a money tree.

Today, office landscaping has become a professional selection and care of plants.

Whim or conscious need

What is landscaping from a business point of view?

    1. A favorable impression in the eyes of customers. The company, which is able to afford to complement the interior with beautifully composed bouquets, is well on its feet and takes care of the internal decorative image.
    2. Formation of a corporate style. Compositions are compiled, taking into account the area of ​​the premises, the applied construction finish, the direction of the company. Flower design for a commercial organization that installs air conditioners will be significantly different from an art studio or a company creating designer clothes.
    3. Visitors, partners and guests who are in the office relax inwardly, seeing the green splendor around. A positive-minded person communicates more freely and more positively perceives commercial offers from the partner.

Bouquets in vases, in baskets, in hat boxes, the use of living plants and dead wood, stabilized flowers (the natural juice in them has been replaced by a composition with glycerin, so the plants seem to freeze in their blooming state) – specialists can work with this flower shop STUDIO Flores.

Pros know they will help

If you, as a leader, like frequent changes in the environment, you can order fresh bouquets every week. But many people like to work through the issue of plant image of the reception area, offices, executive offices and the owner once, so you can’t do without the help of florists here.

We are ready to develop a concept regarding the selection and placement of floral arrangements. We provide care services (once a week or two, our employee comes to the company to perform the necessary tasks with updating the compositions).

The benefits to office staff in the presence of green spaces are also important.

  • The color of the leaves brings relaxation to the eyes, relieves stress, buds are able to tune in a creative way.
  • Each representative of the flora produces useful oxygen, which is very important when using heaters, air conditioners, draining air.
  • Part of the “green” representatives has an antiviral effect.
  • Plants with wide leaves improve the noise reduction effect.

Attracting experienced florists to landscaping offices and arranging events will not only beautifully, but also properly equip the office, taking into account the “sympathy” of flowers for each other. Specialists will create an aesthetic picture of the arrangement, form vertical and volumetric compositions, take into account the chiaroscuro indicators so that the plants are comfortable and they can bring maximum benefit to their presence, including the effect on the psychological state of people and overall health.