Bouquet of dried flowers

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If your plucked flowers cause pity, and their wilting is a regret about a quickly flashed holiday, pay attention to bouquets of dried flowers. These are strong, healthy plants, collected at the most favorable time of flowering and retaining a light aroma that does not turn into annoying rotting ambergris.

A flower shop that accepts orders with delivery in Kiev

Dried flowers were given great importance in the 18th-19th centuries: they were used to study the flora of a certain area, decorated rooms, rich ladies of mature age decorated fashionable hats with small bunches. Nowadays, fans of dried flowers make herbariums, panels, oriental ikebans. Fans of eco-interiors put dried sprouts of wheat, flax, lavender, immortelle in vases, filling the room with a plant aura.

In dried flowers, brushes and buds are often tinted – this brings visual variety. STUDIO Flores is also engaged in drawing up compositions of dried flowers with the subsequent delivery of flowers in Kiev. Packing components in hat boxes will help present them in a presentable way and not think about where to install them.

A bouquet of dried flowers will be appropriate in the following cases:

  • As a birthday present;
  • Gift for mom for Mother’s Day;
  • Themed bouquet in a heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day;
  • A magnificent interior composition for the New Year, for Christmas or Halloween;
  • But we do not recommend giving a bouquet of dried flowers by March 8, because on this day girls prefer to receive fresh flowers in the form of bouquets or arrangements in hat boxes. Because spring is a period of flowering and growth.
  • Buy a bouquet online

    You can imagine in advance how the composition will look like by looking at the photos of the proposals posted in the online store. Flowers can be ordered any day of the week using the online form. In it, you indicate the number of selected sets, the date and address where you want to bring. If the idea came to mind suddenly and it is inconvenient to enter the data, leave your contact phone number on the site so that the manager can call back and write down the information.

    The client is given the opportunity to consult a florist free of charge if, before ordering a bouquet, he wants to change the color of the components. We will always find a compromise solution that satisfies the buyer.

    Fresh flowers do not last forever

    For a solemn event, dried flowers can turn into an expensive relic. Among dozens of baskets of flowers presented for a wedding or anniversary, a box with lagurus, statice, lavender, clouds of cotton, ruskus, nelumbo will look impressive. And after the lush bouquets delight with their splendor and you have to say goodbye to them, dried flowers will regularly evoke pleasant emotions associated with the holiday.

    If you do not want to order a bouquet with delivery, but intend to personally come to the office for it, we will recommend how to carefully deliver the composition to preserve the integrity of all components.