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Bouquet with anthurium

The homeland of anthurium is the Cordillera: beauty is visible at an altitude of 3 km from the foot. An unusual flower consists of a middle and a bright bedspread, located perpendicular to it. The shape of the bud is elongated into an oval, cone, partially resembles a ball or spiral. For this plant received the name “flower-tail”.

In our online store you can order a bouquet with anthurium all year round. We will resolve the issue of delivery ourselves – all you have to do is accept flowers or give the address of the person being gifted.

What the traditions say

People are trying to come up with an interesting story of the emergence of a flower. Here is one of these stories that have reached our days. Once the leader of a militant tribe saw a girl of wondrous beauty. She was from a different people, but the leader was not used to deny himself desires. He arrived in the village and announced that he was taking the girl with him as his wife. She did not want to become the wife of an evil and stranger.

In response, the commander of the warrior took the girl by force, and burned the village with the inhabitants. Arriving on his territory, he ordered everyone to prepare for the wedding. On the appointed day, the girl threw herself into a large fire, which was kindled in case of a celebration. At that moment, the gods turned it into a bright flower, and the surrounding area over time turned into a dense forest, where people could not pass and animals did not live. Dew often appeared on the leaves of the trees, which symbolized tears …

Ordering anthurium flowers is very profitable: cut plants retain their attractiveness for up to 15 days.
Interesting beliefs about a flower

  • 1. Anthurium is able to attract men and create marriages. This applies to flowers that are given or grown in pots.
  • 2.Creates a favorable atmosphere for maintaining family ties and mutual understanding.
  • 3.According to legend, it is a symbol of self-sacrifice. In modern life, this is interpreted as follows: a man who decides to buy a bouquet is ready to become a moral and material support for a woman and future heirs.
  • 4. Despite the name, which translates as “male happiness”, anthurium has a “female” character: when grown, it loves bright, not concentrated light, a sufficient amount of moisture (but not oversaturation with settled water), spraying the leaves, 2 -free feeding. However, these efforts are rewarded according to merit, revealing such an unusual-looking flower to the world.

What the male composition with anthurium symbolizes

If you order a bouquet at flower shop STUDIO Flores, you will receive an unusual present for handing, wrapped in branded packaging. You can give it to your father, friend, husband, colleague, brother. These plants are considered absorbers of negative energy, a symbol of successful marital relationships, therefore they are appreciated both in bouquets and in pots.

The flower denotes the originality of a person, confirms his charismatic qualities, hints at fearlessness and passion. Anthurium surrounded by delicate flowers is suitable for presenting to a woman who does business like a man assertively and successfully.

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The flower concierge service is very popular. You order a bouquet of flowers from us in advance and tell us the date and address of delivery. Flowers delivery to Kyiv or satellite cities will be carried out by us within the agreed time.

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