Bouquet with vanda

Orchids are loved by many people, especially those varieties that emit a faint but pleasant aroma. Wanting to make a memorable present or order a bouquet from the category of exclusive offers, choose a wanda. The peculiarity of the plant is its unpretentiousness and high survival rate. Growing in nature, the orchid grows long and flexible roots 1-2 m in size. The flower can exist without soil, but it needs watering, fertilization and heat.
53 varieties of exotics confirm the significant demand for this orchid variety around the world. Of the natural shades, the lilac-purple gamut is known, and breeders have learned to breed yellow, white, pink, blue, orange and other chic tones. Moreover, the coloring of the petals turns out to be not only monochromatic, but also speckled, in stripes.

Where did the word “wanda” come from?

The Indians ranked certain types of medicinal orchids in the category of “wanda”, the components of which were used to make useful medicines, which were made by hermits and herbalists from Asia, the Philippines, and Australia.

Wanda is a great gift that you won’t be able to forget. Flower shop STUDIO Flores is ready to offer different options for compositions with this herbal ingredient. If you use a couple of types of orchids, you get an original idea. The combination with other flowers will help florists create such unusual options, the reality of which is difficult to believe.

In any season you can buy a bouquet from us, timing its creation to important life events. Flowers delivery in Kiev will exclude their accidental damage.

Getting new varieties

Any created hybrid can be transformed further, forming shades that have not yet been created.

  • Wanda bluish pleases with its color in the spring. Differs in small buds and aromatic properties. Combines blue flowers and a bright red center.
  • The tricolor vanda has large inflorescences and long stems. The striped format of the buds consists of white, beige shades with clear scarlet stripes. It will be possible to buy a similar bouquet in the summer.
  • The Fuchs variety is presented in a violet-pink range, with a spotted variety of color of the petals.
  • Vanda suaris has delicate leaves with double tips, a pink center and blue-white leaves. Don’t you want to order a bouquet with delivery right now?
  • The Kultana variety resembles a meadow during flowering, combining up to 25 flowers on the roots. The purple miracle with a white layout has a distinctive scent.
  • The rosette supply of small flowers is ensured by Vanda insignis, which is distinguished by its pink hues.

Wanda is suitable for girls of any age. It is combined with hyacinths, calla lilies, eustoma, contrasting lilies, roses, gladioli. In the online flower shop, you can order a bouquet or a hat box with a wanda online at any time of the day.
We hope that the bouquets lovingly created by the hands of florists will add some splendor to your long-awaited meeting or planned holiday.

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The flower concierge service is very popular. You order a bouquet of flowers from us in advance and tell us the date and address of delivery. Flowers delivery to Kyiv or satellite cities will be carried out by us within the agreed time.

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