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Now you can pretty quickly select Bush roses. Site flores shop is fashionable bridal bouquets for any holiday and occasion. Collection Tulips bouqets can satisfy wishes scrupulous buyers. Low prices for Bouquet of gerberas "Beloved teacher", New Year's composition on the table 2, Wedding bouquet 31 give the opportunity to receive inexpensive. Convenient delivery Nyvky and to other districts of Kiev. Experienced professionals https://flores-shop.com.ua/ at competitive prices will make any flower arrangement. Bouquet "19 white-blue tulips" — compositions for your mood cheap at a discount.

Bouquet “19 white-blue tulips”

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The beautiful blue color is so rare in nature, but it is so in demand. Therefore, Dutch breeders, in order to surprise and delight, have found a way to color flowers without harming them.
Now you and I can enjoy unusual bouquets and delight loved ones.

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They tried to breed blue tulips for many years: they crossed varieties, watered them with colored water with the addition of cobalt, dipped freshly cut heads into a solution saturated with the desired shade. However, the most effective technology turned out to be when cut flowers are soldered with water with a special dye. Today, indigo, black-blue, sapphire, ultramarine, brown, amethyst varieties are known, with which florists of a flower shop create fantastic compositions.

“Blue stands for loyalty, complete trust, calmness. This is the tone of flowers that should be given to a girl during the engagement, so that she understands that she is marrying a reliable and confident person in the future. “

A bouquet of white and blue tulips is presented in a cold range. It will accentuate blue or steel eyes, blonde hair, unburned skin. Make an order of flowers for a specific date, purchase for a gentle presentation, buy under the influence of surging emotions. Also, this bouquet is perfect as a gift for a man.

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The bouquet “19 white-blue tulips” has a certain number of buds. What does this mean? More than 10 flowers in one composition will tell you how grateful you are to the one next to you.

What about someone who wants to order a different number of buds in a bouquet? There is a certain gift etiquette associated with the number of buds.
1. One bud will tell about a timid desire to be close to the girl you like. This sounds like a question: is it possible to hope for further acquaintance?
2. Three flowers. You can order and present a miniature bouquet for no reason as a compliment or gratitude for the meeting.
3. Five buds. Often given to relatives, teachers, employees. The motive is gratitude, congratulations on the holiday, meeting a person with whom you have not seen for a long time. Suitable for flower delivery in Kiev, decorated by a nonresident customer.
4. Seven buds. Seven, as the number of perfection, symbolizes true love with plans for the future. If you want to buy a bouquet with such a number of components, be prepared for the fact that the girl will perceive the offering from the perspective considered.
5. Nine buds. Fidelity in a relationship, a real friendly disposition from a person who is always ready to help.

Flower delivery from STUDIO Flores

Just as you are used to buying any goods in an online store, we fulfill requests for ordering flowers. To buy any item presented on the site, fill out the online form indicating the number of bouquets, the date of service and the address for sending flowers.

Compared to a regular store, you don’t have to wait until we open. We work around the clock, in the next few hours we process orders that come to the company overnight. They turn to STUDIO Flores to order a bouquet for one person, employees, business partners. Any resident of Ukraine can buy products, we carry out targeted delivery in Kiev.

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