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Bouquet of seven white roses

You can simply find Roses Red Eagle. Online shop flores shop can do modern bouquets with gerberas and chrysanthemums for a name day or other holiday. Chapter Roses bouqets satisfy wishes scrupulous clients. Affordable prices for Set of balls 14, Bride's bouquet 2, Bouquet with gypsophila in a box XL allow to take fast enough and inexpensive. The most convenient delivery Sofievskaya Borschagovka and to other districts of Kiev. The best florists flores shop at a bargain price will fulfill any of your wishes. Bouquet "7 white roses" — the best choice for a gift at a low price within the framework of promotions.

Bouquet “7 white roses”

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Classic inexpensive bouquet with white Avalanche roses. A universal gift for a colleague, mom or girlfriend.
Ideal if you don’t know the recipient’s preferences.

7 large white roses of the Avalanche variety and a branch of eucalyptus.


Missing roses does not happen. A woman may be impressed by daisies, lilacs, orchids, but no one has yet refused the queen of flowers.

“You need to appreciate the perfection of a rose while it is blooming, you can feel its breath in a perfume, you can enjoy magnificent petals, feeling them in bed and under your feet …”

7 white roses Avalanche are comfortably located in the congratulatory composition. The symbol of innocence and purity is a good sign for the bride. It serves as a wish for cloudless happiness to the newlyweds, it can mean humility and obedience to the husband (this is practiced among the eastern peoples). If a husband decides to order a bouquet for his wife, he will not only emphasize her excellent appearance, but also show thereby that he is ready to become an assistant, a faithful companion for life.

The only limitation for the presentation of such a bouquet will be the venerable age of the woman: it is not customary for her to give white roses, which for a young girl are a symbol of prosperity, and for a lady in years, consecration and transition to another world.

Buy bouquet with white roses with delivery

In addition to the planned congratulations and morning flower curtsies, non-standard situations arise.
1. The guy saw the girl once, took her to the house, or in general people met through the Internet. Instead of virtual communication, it will be much more effective to win over your friend if you order flowers from an online store for her for the holiday. You can make your gift more modest by choosing a compact, plant-based compliment. Or give a gorgeous rose by attaching a postcard,
2. The giver is far away. If you have left for another city, country and do not have time for the festive event, you will always be able to show attention by delivering flowers. The client purchases a composition in the online store online, leaves the recipient’s data ─ and we send a photo of the congratulated person after the bouquet has been handed over.
3. It happens that a man is guilty: the relationship has just begun to build up – and suddenly he has done things that are enough for a fragile relationship to crack. Think of a bouquet that can help make amends.
4. Bad weather, fatigue, elementary laziness. Run to the store for flowers? No, it’s better to postpone it … Do not refuse to please your beloved! Flower delivery in Kiev from STUDIO Flores will give only pleasant impressions.

A woman’s and a man’s opinion on flowers

Let’s omit here the version of the stronger sex that white roses (and any other flowers) donated outside the holiday are a waste of money. Women perfectly feel the beauty of the things around them, so bouquets, jewelry, spectacular clothes give them special pleasure.

A flower shop is a world of plant abundance, where it is easy to order a bouquet for every taste. Start the day with a delicious smelling compliment, surprise during the day, give a present in the evening. A bouquet of flowers is appropriate for delivery at any time.

To buy a bouquet you like, go to the site at any time of the day and send us a completed application.

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For a colleague, For a daughter, For a girl, For a girlfriend, For a kid, For a mom, For a newborn, For a sister, For a teacher, For beloved, For wife

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