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Bouquet of flowers with mimosa and roses 'Sunny morning'

Now it's easier make a reservation for Roses. Store website flores-shop.com.ua will make exotic bridal bouquets of lilies for a colleague or loved one. Collection Roses bouqets satisfy wishes regular and new clients. Low prices for Candle miniature "Flickering snowfield", Set of balls 2, Helium balloon set 18 will allow you to choose convenient and cost-effective. 24 hour delivery Vinogradar and to other districts of Kiev. Florists https://flores-shop.com.ua/ at a democratic price will make any flower arrangement for you. Bouquet of flowers with mimosa and roses "Sunny morning" — compositions for a good mood cheap at a discount.

Bouquet of flowers with mimosa and roses “Sunny morning”

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How to make her smile ?! – give her flowers and your love!

2 sprigs of mimosa, peony rose of David Austin, 2 roses matched to the tone, carnation, 2 sprigs of robusta, sprig of bush rose, allium.


When the morning begins with the sound of the alarm, a hectic day follows. The woman hurries to the kitchen, trying to run into the bath on the way. The man does not want to linger, so he hurries up his soul mate. Small taunts begin towards each other, increasing the negative degree of mood. And if you still need to urgently wake up the children, the rise turns into a brewing storm.

Stop, the morning must not start like that! A woman is a clockwork key that forms the mood of family members with her smile, jokes, and the ability to do everything on time. What can be done to make mom and wife shine with happiness? Buy bouquet “Sunny Morning”. It will be a great prelude to create a great mood.

“Combining roses with mimosa is like a dual element, combining ice and fire. The yellowness of the balls competes with the gracefully curved petals, and the green, like an arbiter, observes the outcome of the vegetable fight “

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The composition includes a David Austin rose, a pair of buds in a synchronous color background, a bush rose, a carnation. Robusta is matched to mimosa, and white allium flowers add crystal freshness to the bouquet.

The online store STUDIO Flores presents author’s compositions, which are available for sale only here. On March 8, February 14 or another holiday, you make an order for which flower delivery in Kiev is organized. Plant kits are selected from those available. It is allowed to remove / add one of the components or replace it with a more desired shade.

We offer not only to order a bouquet in one copy, but also take advantage of the offer for corporate clients. We have also organized a section with gifts on the site, which will help you to additionally choose pleasant surprises for other occasions.

Flowers with sweets

Quite a popular ladies’ congratulatory tandem: bouquet and sweets, flowers and marshmallows, buds and macaroons. You satisfy two female desires at the same time: to look beautiful and to be very tasty.

Men! To order a bouquet of this type, you do not need imagination and waiting for a holiday date. Understand that your female person wants to receive attention more often.

    1. Affectionate glance, gentle touch – this is love at the physical level of manifestation, but you want its aesthetic, spiritual!
    2. Visit the online flower shop day or night. Here you will buy one flower, an inexpensive bouquet, a morning plant compliment, a congratulatory option, a luxurious VIP composition.
    3. Regardless of age and income level, we give every man a chance to be gallant and considerate.

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