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New Year's Gift 5
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Easy peasy make an application for Hypericum. Online Market flores shop can advise attractive peony wedding bouquets for the occasion or just like that. Subgroup Christmas wreaths and bouquets able to please the most scrupulous customers. Fairly affordable prices for Romantic Halloween, Pink baby carriage, Miniature candle "Orange and honey" will allow you to buy easy and fast. Delivery in a few hours Podol and to other districts of Kiev. Professional decorators https://flores-shop.com.ua/ at a good price will make any flower arrangement for you. New Year's Gift 5 — incredible presents at budget prices.

New Year’s Gift 5

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Big box with gifts, what could be more exciting, especially on New Year’s Eve !?

If you want to make a memorable gift to a colleague or company leader, perhaps to thank a business partner, or just go on a visit, but do not know what to fall for. Our festive gift set will definitely be useful to you, because it includes: a wreath, a soft toy, an aroma candle and an ice garland.

The composition of the gift set can be changed at your request.


Positive emotions are the priority components of human life. They determine the mood, state of health and even life expectancy. For this reason, we please each other, we make gifts, for the sake of loved ones we do unusual things. Think how many times a year you need to buy a bouquet, make a plant compliment!

“A great gift is not determined by the amount of money spent, but by the breadth of the soul and the depth of feelings. You can buy a bouquet – and give the whole Universe!”

A gift for the New Year is an opportunity not to forget about loved ones, to visit those who live far away, and to spend wonderful moments with friends. Everyone expects a miracle at the time of the calendar transition. Give a wreath for Christmas that can be used starting December 25th.

Create an element of surprise by handing out a large box of sealed contents. A lot of things can easily fit here: a soft toy, a candle with a selected scent, a garland with LED lights, a Christmas tree composition. You can invest your own, additional gift, for example, the favorite aroma of the person being presented.

Why gift wrapping is a more attractive version of other packaging options

1.A mystery is being formedThe recipient can open the box in front of everyone or in private. The second option allows you to put something intimate inside, which concerns only two close people.
2.Congratulations to allIt will be possible to hand over something large, according to the size of the box. Or prepare presents for each family member, sign and place everything at once in one festive package.
3.Intrigue is being createdOn the one hand, the box has a special window through which the contents can be seen a little. On the other hand, it will not be possible to see everything, since the packaging is tied with a wide ribbon.
4.Great gift for a superior or a big business partnerLarge box format is used by companies with well-known brands. It is immediately clear that inside is not some kind of trinket. It is convenient to purchase such gifts for several recipients: the boxes are well placed one on top of the other, without creasing or damage. Therefore, they are very often used as corporate gifts.
5.Ready for deliveryYou don’t have to think about what to wrap or where to put the purchased content. At STUDIO Flores you get 2-in-1: both what you give and where to put everything.

To buy a gift for the New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, send an application to the online store indicating the number of ordered items and the date of transfer to the client’s hands. In the flower shop, flowers and gifts are ordered with delivery. Everything happens online.

Delivery of flowers and gifts

To contact a flower shop and order a bouquet, a gift for the New Year, a souvenir, just visit our website. Those who have chosen this position from the catalog will receive free delivery of gifts in Kiev. For those who organize a festive event indoors, we offer balloons. We will decorate the wedding hall and the arch for the newlyweds. We will decorate an office, an apartment in the capital with flowers.

Delivery of flowers, gifts in Kiev is carried out by our courier service. You can order a bouquet with delivery on the same day or according to the selected date.

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