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Much easier now find Tulips. Shop online STUDIO Flores is bright cascading bridal bouquets for a birthday or other holiday. Ruler Balloons can satisfy desires the most scrupulous customers. Really wholesale prices for New Year's bouquet in a cup, Rosa Pomoroza, Balloon set 15 will allow you to buy very easy and fast. Fast sending Obolon and to other districts of Kiev. Experienced online store masters STUDIO Flores at competitive prices will embody any of your floral ideas. Set of balls 2 — incredible presents at an affordable price.

Set of balls 2

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A gentle fountain of balloons that will tell more about your feelings than words. Give a holiday – present the balloons! 6 latex balloons, 2 balloons with confetti and one foil heart.
According to your wish, the coloring of latex, foil balloons and confetti balls can vary. A huge choice of сolors!

The cost of the minimum order for balloons with helium is 450 UAH, if only balloons without a bouquet are required.

Carried out in Kiev everyday from 8:30AM to 8PM on weekdays and from 10:30AM to 7PM on weekends and holidays. The cost of delivery in Kiev is 100 UAH. Free delivery, when ordering from 1200 UAH. Learn more....
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You can create beautiful bouquets from balloons. Like flowers, they can be arranged in shades and shapes.

“When latex meets gel, the true miracle happens”

Wishing to make an unexpected surprise, some men are embarrassed to walk around the city with balloons. How then to give? At your service is the delivery of balloons from STUDIO Flores.

Why are balloon sets popular with young people

Products selected in color and format look more attractive. If you go to the store for balloons, there may not be suitable colors. And monochrome in the amount of 10-50 pieces for a party will surely seem boring.
1. Aesthetically composed set is harmonious and visually richer. Confetti and sequins, hidden in balls under the ceiling, will beautifully cover a friendly company with their contents when someone pierces the beautiful packaging with something sharp. A heart-shaped balloon will hint at love, and the pink shade will appeal to the most fastidious girl.
2. To present a box with a treasured ring for your beloved, do it in the most romantic way. Try ordering balloons based on the fact that one of them can lift a weight of 4 g. Calculate the weight of a box of jewelry to order balloons in the right quantity. Give your favorite air kit with a tied box and ask them to open the expected gift. Warning: this handing is appropriate only in a room with low ceilings, so that the wind does not blow the balls up.
3. How many contests can you think of with balloons! Walk holding the ball between your legs, but do not help yourself with your hands. Stand one behind the other, press the ball to the back of the person in front, and on the other side hold it with your stomach – and move to the beat of the music. Whoever lasts the longest will win.

Set cost

For helium balloons, the price is determined by the number of components and the type of products in the set. It is allowed to order another set, in a different shade reproduction. At the bottom of the composition is a weight that will not allow the present to fly away when presented.
For those who prioritize not price, but impressions, we recommend that you give a bouquet at the same time. Then the gift will turn out fragrant and impressive. Our courier will deliver flowers to Kyiv recipients.

For those who want to find high-quality helium balloons, we recommend buying them at the Studio Flores flower shop in Kiev. In addition to making bouquets, we are engaged in festive decoration of premises, organizing decorative zones, so we always have a large assortment of balloons and gifts in stock.

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