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Orchid Wanda

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Wanda is a wonderful representative of tropical flowers, their representatives have unique colors.
The cost of a flower is 50 UAH, there can be up to 12 flowers on a branch. In our flower shop you can buy the Wanda orchid either individually or as a whole branch for your bouquet from the florist.

Flowers delivery in Kiev is carried out daily from 8:30 to 20:00 on weekdays and from 10:30 to 19:00 on weekends and holidays.

Carried out in Kiev everyday from 8:30AM to 8PM on weekdays and from 10:30AM to 7PM on weekends and holidays. The cost of delivery in Kiev is 110 UAH. Free delivery, when ordering from 1200 UAH. Learn more....
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Orchids are incredibly hardy. Tens of thousands of varieties of these flowers grow in different climatic zones, but they were originally considered “children of the tropics.” Plants of a natural type are unpretentious: they are able to bloom in the mountains, on the ground, in trees, and some do not even need the light of the sun, as they are in the gorges.

The delicate, dotted petals of our flower resemble the mottled shade of a cheetah. The Vanda orchid, like its other plant relatives, looks very surprising: as if someone manually fixed the open buds on a dense stem. Buyers are offered flowers per piece and an author’s bouquet with exotic sprigs.

Flower delivery in Kiev on weekdays and weekends

You will probably pick up one bud yourself at the STUDIO Flores office, and it is better to entrust the courier to bring an individual bouquet created from several branches or a complex composition from different flora representatives.

There is a whole list of oriental recommendations about which shade to choose for a particular case. And if you do otherwise, they may misunderstand. Let’s see what’s on offer?

  • Good wishes are well supported with a pink tone. It is suitable for donation to family and friends.
  • Non-standard shades (orange, purple) will show a friendly disposition and a desire to continue cooperation.
  • Therefore, they are presented to business partners as a sign of gratitude and hope for further joint work.

  • Ordering white flowers reveals your honest and transparent intentions for the person you like.
  • Deep red symbolizes the fire blazing within the heart volcano. Buying a bouquet means admitting that you are ready to devote your life to a dear person.
  • The variegation on the petals reveals the intention of the giver to quickly retire with the object of his delight. Be careful not to be rejected at the most critical moment. Another danger is to unknowingly order such a bouquet for a lady who is much older than you: the vis-a-vis can start pursuit.
  • Buy online with delivery

    Florists come to the flower shop every day to give the world new ideas. The task is difficult: regularly create unusual compositions. Before ordering a bouquet, a client will explore more than one online store with a presented line of products, so you need to surprise and attract him with the results of your work.
    But our specialists are great! They know how to work beautifully, creating a bouquet from a photo. Knowledge, experience and creativity will come in handy here.

    Leave a request in the online store for 1 flower, bouquet or several compositions with orchids!

    In the STUDIO Flores online store, you can always buy online fresh flowers of various varieties, various shades and shapes. In our flower shop you will find fresh and high-quality imported and local flowers at affordable prices. Also in our online store you can buy exotic flowers, such as the “Wanda” orchid.


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