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Much easier now find Chrysanthemums Santini. Store website STUDIO Flores can create exquisite bouquets for men for any occasion and holiday. Subgroup Houseplants justify intentions the most demanding buyers. Favorable prices for Flowers in a box Dawn, Set of balls 2, Easter bouquet "Sunny" allow to take easy and casual. Courier delivery Sofievskaya Borschagovka and to other districts of Kiev. Online store masters https://flores-shop.com.ua/ at good prices will make any set for you. Poinsettia — best gift at affordable prices.


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Poinsetia likes to live on the western or eastern windows, but the direct rays of the sun and drafts harm it. The most comfortable temperature for plant growth is 18-25 ºC, during flowering – 16-14 ºC, and in the rest period – 14-12 ºC. Watering in the summer should be abundant, in winter watering is reduced in order to the soil has to be hardly wet. When the Christmas poinsetia blossom, start spraying it with warm water.


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