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A bright summer composition for those who want to give even more warmth and joy. 3 bright sunflowers, a hydrangea, 3 lupins, a twig of eustoma and 2 branches of ruscus

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Live flowers always exude the scents of summer, sun, freshness and happiness. Collected by skillful hands of florists to an elegant and unusual bouquet, they turn into an original and exclusive gift.

Bright bouquet “Summer noon” is paints of summer and joy

The motley flower composition is collected from beautiful plants of juicy and contrasting shades:

  • 3 yellow large sunflowers emit sunlight and energy;
  • a lush purple hydrangea is like the starry sky of a summer night;
  • a light blue lupine reminds of the coolness of the brook;
  • a twig of the eustoma symbolizes a happy and long life;
  • and the saturated green branches of ruscus inspire hope and faith and also give such an ensemble of volume and solemnity.

Through an unusual design idea (to use instead of a basket for flowers the original hat box), the floral composition becomes a stylish decoration for:

  • exit wedding ceremony;
  • banquet hall;
  • reception for VIP-guests, etc.

It is easy to give warmth and joy with compositions of STUDIO Flores

On our site you can:

  • buy a beautiful bouquet in an elegant hat box (the price of a masterpiece depends on its size and compound);
  • order delivery in Kiev;
  • get professional advice.

To give love and perfection is very easy with our online store STUDIO Flores!


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