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A bouquet of flowers has always been considered an ideal gift for all occasions. But it is necessary to supplement the flower composition with special ornaments in order to the recipient felt himself a special person, about whom others think and love him. It can be ribbons, soft toys and, of course, postcards. With the help of a decorated piece of paper you can confess your feelings, congratulate someone on an important date or just cheer up.

Postcards as a supplement to the bouquet

The progenitor of the modern postcard was a visit card, which in ancient China was sent to those people whom they could not see for the holidays. But the first official mention of the greeting postcard dates back to 1777. Sending a sheet of paper with special words along with the bouquet began quite recently. But with the advent of this fashion trend many men find it easier to show their feelings to a woman.

But it is worthwhile to understand that choosing a suitable greeting postcard for a flower composition is not an easy task. Firstly, there are thematic greeting cards, which are usually given for the corresponding holiday (Birthday, New Year, March 8, Valentine’s Day). Secondly, if you give a bouquet without an occasion, the postcard can carry in itself your feelings and experiences.

How to choose a postcard correctly?

Greeting postcards for certain events can be an addition to the main gift or bouquet of flowers. But they are also often used simply to greet each other or open their feelings to another person. When choosing a postcard, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • what occasion or holiday (New Year, wedding, Birthday);
  • to whom you sign a congratulation (to mother, girl, wife, sister, friend);
  • age of the recipient (child, young man, older person);
  • gender (woman or man).

If you are going to give a postcard for a Birthday, then obligatorily pay attention to the age of the recipient.

What to write in a postcard?

Most often, a bouquet is adorned exactly by men who want to show their special feelings to women. But sometimes a strong half of humanity simply does not have the right words to express their emotions. Here are some useful tips that you should and should not write in the postcard to flower composition:

  • no quatrains from the Internet – if you want to write poetry, then it is better to use the works of poets;
  • it is not necessary to write words that you have memorized from childhood and hackneyed phrases, it is better to think what you really want to wish a person;
  • wish the person exactly what he needs at the moment;
  • try writing in an original, unusual and interesting way;
  • do not write too long or complicated congratulations;
  • if you send a bouquet without a reason, then you can wish a sunny day or just write “I love you”.

Where is it possible to buy a colorful postcard and make a bouquet in Kiev?

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To give a bouquet is to give a holiday. And if you add a nice postcard to the bouquet, even the most gloomy day will be more fun.

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