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People buy bouquets when they want to convey with one gift all those feelings that they can not express by words. Sometimes compositions are made of exotic and unusual colors to amaze the recipient.

But lately soft toys have become very popular. Especially often they are given by guys who want to confess in tender feelings to girls. After all, most of the fair sex love teddy bears and bunnies.

Features of soft toys

Last time it became fashionable to create flower compositions with soft toys as ornaments. They are popular for one simple reason: the flowers will fade soon, but a plush friend will delight the eyes for many more years. As a rule, to make a similar bouquet, are used roses, because they are considered a never-ending classic, which everyone likes without exception. To make the composition look original and unusual, you can combine flowers of different shades.

A soft toy in such a bouquet is the basis, because without it it will become the simplest composition. Teddy bears are used more often, because these cute little animals bring a lot of positive emotions. But when composing a bouquet it is recommended to choose a toy that will surely appeal to the addressee.

Another important element of this composition is the bow. With it, the bouquet will look more elegant and beautiful. Usually, a wide ribbon is used for decoration.

For whom do soft toys suit?

There is a stereotype that such a gift is appropriate only for young girls. But believe, a lady at any age will be pleased to receive such an original thing. Age should be considered only when choosing the flowers and their colors. Girls under 25 years of age like bright or pastel colors, but flowers of deep shades can be given to women. Also, such bouquets are perfect for children.

These composition are appropriate to be given on such holidays:

Bouquets of soft toys

Another unusual and original trend in recent years are bouquets, completely created from plush animals. To make the right composition from soft toys, it is important to correlate their color range with the event. Some ladies prefer bright shades, while others prefer pastel and tender tones.

This fact should be taken into account, making an unusual bouquet. The effect produced by you depends on the number of toys. Do not skimp in this issue. A great gift will definitely help you to tell about your special feelings.

Where is it possible to buy soft toys in Kiev?

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Such a gift, like a soft toy with one’s favorite flowers, will definitely become unforgettable and original gift on any holiday.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

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The flower concierge service is very popular. You order a bouquet of flowers from us in advance and tell us the date and address of delivery. Flowers delivery to Kyiv or satellite cities will be carried out by us within the agreed time.

I doubt what should I choose from the category Toys?

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