Christmas gift baskets


The Christmas gift basket is a very handy accessory where you can easily put various items. It is unique in its capacity and the ability to create theme sets.

A wicker basket with spruce for the New Year is an opportunity to create a sweet set, a set for an “adult” theme, a children’s present and much more. This may include sweet treats, fruits, small household items, cosmetic kits, and soft toys. The capacity of wicker packaging can also be chosen any: from a small basket to large, “family” packaging.

Shopping cart benefits

1. Allows you to conveniently arrange items in a classic ordered style, chaotic or creative.
2. It makes it possible to use different types of decor: coniferous branches, dry flower arrangements, Christmas decorations, tinsel, cotton tablecloths, napkins, cloth boots, ribbons, sequins, etc.
3. Convenient to handing. A basket is not like a holiday bag or clear wrap.
4. Depending on the material of manufacture, the festive container can be used in the future.

A wicker basket with spruce or other decoration for the New Year is unusual. She gives positive emotions, warmth and is a delicious help during the get-togethers.

To present to

  • First of all, it is for relatives. Our loved ones are worthy of any gifts, for which we usually do not spare money.
  • Friends. Gathering by a company, they usually distribute who buys what. The original presentation of “their share” will be a worthy contribution to the fun holiday gatherings.
  • Business partners. A number of companies maintain close relationships with particularly valuable and profitable business partners. Creative congratulations before the holiday will become another coin in the “piggy bank” of established business relations.
  • To the class teacher at the school. You trust your child, big or small, to the person who introduces him to the world of knowledge. Isn’t it a worthwhile repayment for the hard work?

When to give

Flower shop STUDIO Flores recommends buying a Christmas basket with delivery in Kiev, New Year’s on the eve of winter holidays.

The idea of ​​packaging and presenting gifts in this way belongs to the Americans. They are accustomed to driving everywhere in cars, and there is no better storage for the contents: baskets were used for picnic trips, going to church on Easter, giving gifts.

The basket equates care, a certain orderliness and originality due to numerous versions of floral design. For the new year, it is appropriate to put a bottle of champagne or other alcohol in it.

Also small gifts for all family members will fit here. And if you additionally buy a bouquet of flowers with delivery in Kiev, then you will receive a gorgeous gift set, ready to be presented for different types of celebrations.
A basket decorated with live spruce for the New Year brings the fragrance of the holiday to the person being presented, where the desired people gather.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Why it worth to buy Christmas gift baskets in online flower shop STUDIO Flores?

Reasons to order Christmas gift baskets from us:

  • our flowers are always fresh
  • great variety of assortment
  • the ability to order flowers delivery to Kyiv and suburbs

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What is the most popular service you provide?

The flower concierge service is very popular. You order a bouquet of flowers from us in advance and tell us the date and address of delivery. Flowers delivery to Kyiv or satellite cities will be carried out by us within the agreed time.

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