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New Year’s gift “Mouse”

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The ability to beautifully give gifts undoubtedly arouses admiration not only among the recipient, but also among those around him.
However, it takes a long time to decorate a gift beautifully. That is why STUDIO Flores has taken care of you and prepared wonderful gift sets, decorated in a stylish New Year’s basket decorated with natural Dutch spruce, cotton and eucalyptus.

The price of a decorated basket (without contents) is 710 UAH, the cost of a basket with gifts is 1750 UAH.

We can pick up a cat from the warehouse for your bazhanny.

A gift basket for the New Year or Christmas will become an unforgettable corporate gift for colleagues or business partners.

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Christmas basket decorated in the author’s style is a great chance for creative presentation of the set. Florists from STUDIO Flores have applied a decor that evokes a kind, pleasant feeling.

“When a blizzard is howling outside the window, and you are at a warm fireplace, cheerfully shooting firewood, it’s time to team up with family members and slowly unpack Christmas gifts.”

The basket is universal. It can be used to pack surprises for family members, gifts for colleagues, nice souvenirs for neighbors. Any theme can be chosen, because the gift basket is spacious. An electric shaver for the owner of the family, a set of wine glasses for a couple in love, a toy for a child, ladies’ amenities – all this will fit in a New Year’s basket and will look out invitingly.

What the buyer gets

# Title Purpose
1. White basket Provides a place for styling, easy handling and beautiful delivery.
2. Additional features Irish style napkin, red and black check. It becomes the basis for the invested items. Bow with beautiful edging made of the same material as the napkin. Tied at the bottom of the handle. Decorative details consisting of a floral composition (Dutch spruce branch, cotton balls, imitation citrus fruits, mountain ash, pastry mouse) and a soft toy for memory.
3. Internal content Tea, candy, an invented gift.

We have made our own set, but we understand that everyone will have different gifts for the New Year. Therefore, customers are invited to purchase a basket with its own filling or order a ready-made complex gift, which we will collect according to your application, indicating what should have been invested. The cost of the cart will vary depending on the price of the content.

Making gifts for colleagues and business partners takes time. Please consider this important point!
In the online store STUDIO Flores, using an online application, it is proposed to order a bouquet of fresh flowers, a gift arrangement with a spruce for table decoration, a Christmas wreath on the front doors and other options. Focus on the upcoming holiday events and the real volume of congratulations (relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, company employees, business partners). Calculate correctly how many and what offers you will order. Those who place bulk orders will enjoy pleasant prices!

In the STUDIO Flores online store, you can always buy online fresh flowers of various varieties, various shades and shapes. In our flower shop you will find fresh and high-quality imported and local flowers at affordable prices. Also in our online store you can buy beautiful gift baskets for the New Year or Christmas, decorated with natural spruce, gingerbread, lime and cotton.


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