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Delicate, graceful and elegant gerberas are considered a symbol of the sun, and for their structural features, these flowers are also called African chamomile. A wide variety of shades allows you to create a mono-bouquet or a prefabricated composition for an adult or a child, and you can give gerberas for any occasion.

Why are gerbera bouquets good

    African daisies are characterized not only by their ideal shape, rich color and almost all-season availability. These colors also have other positive qualities:

  • High compositional compatibility. Gerberas look good not only in mono bouquets, but also in combinations with freesia, roses, chrysanthemums, lilies and hydrangeas. The original version of the composition is a bright bouquet of gerberas of different varieties and shades.
  • Versatility. The variety of types and colors provides a large selection of bouquets for both women and men. These flowers are often chosen as a gift for children: the combination of fresh colors, a small flower weight and an unobtrusive aroma allows you to add gerberas to a bouquet even for the youngest kids.
  • Low price. Even voluminous bouquets of African daisies will cost customers much cheaper than roses or orchids, and the special shape and size of the bud allows you to create beautiful compositions even from a very small number of gerberas – three or five.
  • Self-sufficiency. Florists design compositions from gerberas, choosing the decor in such a way as to set off the beauty of flowers. But the special character of these plants allows for the complete absence of additional decoration: even a few gerberas, intercepted by a satin ribbon, will look like a full-fledged bouquet.
  • Persistence. African daisies are not one of those who fade quickly: with proper care, these flowers will stand in a vase for two weeks. To do this, you just need to change the water in the container to clean every day and cut the ends of the stems with a sharp knife.

To whom and when you can give a bouquet of gerberas

A composition of African daisies of delicate shades can be bought for mom, girlfriend, sister and colleague. Rich burgundy, blue and purple gerberas are boldly included in a congratulatory bouquet for a father, friend, teacher, business partner.

Gerberas give birthdays, including anniversaries, professional holidays, weddings and their anniversaries, March 8, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Any holiday on which a bouquet of flowers will be appropriate, gerberas will only do better: a date, a graduation party, a defense or presentation of a diploma, an discharge from the hospital and even a marriage proposal, sunny African daisies will complement with bright colors and positive.

Where to buy a bouquet of gerberas

You can order gerbera compositions with delivery in the STUDIO Flores online store. In the assortment of our store you will find a wider selection of fresh flowers of the best varieties.

Go to our catalog to choose a bouquet of gerberas (the price is indicated under each composition), and place an order through the basket or in one click by entering your phone number. Our couriers will deliver bouquets from stock to the desired address within an hour, and exclusive VIP-compositions – in two hours from the moment of ordering.

Giving your loved ones positive emotions with STUDIO Flores is easy and pleasant. Please your loved ones more often, and we will gladly help you with this!

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  • our flowers are always fresh
  • great variety of assortment
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The flower concierge service is very popular. You order a bouquet of flowers from us in advance and tell us the date and address of delivery. Flowers delivery to Kyiv or satellite cities will be carried out by us within the agreed time.

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Our professional florists will be happy to help you choose the right bouquet and answer your questions by phone +38 098 484 49 73. Also, you can always come to our flower shop at: Kyiv, st. Voskresenskaya 14b and choose flowers with a florist, or order flowers with delivery.