Bouquet of flowers “Summer freshness”

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Order flowers for birthday, anniversary or wedding. A perfect summer bouquet of flowers for a beautiful gift at a reasonable price.

4 branches of molucella, 3 gladioli, 3 panicums, 3 hypericums, 2 aspedistra, viburnum and greenball cloves.

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Thinking about the warm season, we imagine nature in greenery and bright colors. We present a bouquet of flowers “Summer Freshness”. It is crafted from rare floristic ingredients, infused with renowned floral ingredients.

“The Mediterranean mollucella is made up of many flowers dotting the height of the stem of the plant. The distinctive Irish bell with pale green color is a true summer representative of the flora. Effectiveness is created by inflorescences, the total length of which vertically reaches half a meter “

In our composition we used molucella, greenball carnation, gladioli, aspedistra. The design background was created by hypericum, viburnum and panicum. Flower delivery will help you organize a surprise.

Why do you need a green shade in a bouquet

Somehow it is not customary to compose compositions with bare stems. And if greenery is not enough, it is added in the form of wide exotic leaves and herbaceous inclusions. How important is this shade?

    1. It has long been known that the green background gives rest to the eyes, being a natural relaxer. It forms a state of calmness, peace.
    2. The herbaceous-mint tone in the compositions will remind an aged person of the past pranks that were filled with young years.
    3. Green buds and inflorescences are practically not found. Selectively bred varieties surprise with delicate shades. Such a composition will not seem boring to a creative person.
    4. This beautiful shade creates a unique touch to the composition, creating a natural completeness.

No wonder this color is so popular. Green carnations, gladioli, roses, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas will add originality to any bouquet. To turn all attention to the impressiveness of the author’s kit, the specialists of STUDIO Flores wrapped the flowers in paper.

Order a bouquet with gladioli with delivery

When choosing gladioli, it is quite difficult to buy a bouquet in an unusual design. Most likely you will be offered a monochrome of 5-9 components or diluted with one more tint ingredient. To buy a bouquet that will impress the person being gifted, you should contact the professionals.

For a long time, our company has been specializing in the formation of designer bouquets that cannot be found in other flower shops. Ordering flowers online is focused on the aesthetic taste and capabilities of the client. Samples of work are presented in the online store, however, at the request of the buyer, the florists will make the composition larger or smaller, take into account the shading wishes according to the type of components.

In addition to the fact that it is easy to order a bouquet from us, flowers are delivered in Kiev. Use all the services of the service presented on the site!


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