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In the language of flowers, roses are considered to be a symbol of deep feelings, sincerity of intentions and strong affection. Bouquets, buds and even individual rose petals of all shades of red symbolize passion, admiration and ardent love. Even one rose, complemented by laconic decorative greenery and wrapped in delicate wrapping paper, delights, and a whole bunch of red roses will help to reach the heart of any woman.

What are red rose bouquets?

All compositions with scarlet flowers are divided into mono-bouquets and prefabricated ones, consisting not only of roses or of the same variety of plants of different shades. Mono bouquets of purple flowers are a good way to admit your feelings without words. There are no strict rules for such recognition: you can limit yourself to a modest gift of three to seven roses in elegant packaging, or you can present your beloved with an armful of 101 roses on a long stem, intercepted by satin ribbons or placed in a hat box.

Combined bouquets, which include red buds, do not have the same direct sensual message as mono compositions, so you can order bouquets with red roses to express not only passion, but also kindred or friendly love.

When are scarlet roses given?

A flower gift of red roses is chosen for girls and wives to congratulate them on Valentine’s Day, March 8, professional holiday, angel day, wedding anniversary, birthday (including anniversary), and also for no particular reason – just a sign of love and gratitude. Compliment bouquets can be inexpensive and very small if their main purpose is to remind the woman of your deep feelings towards her.

The recommended choice for special occasions is a bouquet of red roses placed in a basket or heart box, the price of which makes it a real gift. You can complement the composition with a greeting card, soft toy, sweets, perfume or jewelry.

Mono-bouquets of scarlet roses can also be presented to a man, thus congratulating him on his anniversary, getting a new position or achieving another important life goal. Men’s bouquets of roses should have an elongated shape and be as strict as possible: it is unacceptable to decorate armfuls with decor, and florists use rich blue, burgundy, purple ribbons to fasten the stems.

Where to buy a bouquet of red roses?

You can order an armful of scarlet roses in the STUDIO Flores online store. Our florists only work with fresh flowers of bush and single-headed imported and local varieties. Courier service guarantees careful delivery of the bouquet at the appointed time and place.

Florists of STUDIO Flores can create a VIP-bouquet of scarlet roses on an individual order. You can book a bouquet online or by phone indicated on our website. We guarantee the impeccable quality of each rose in your bouquet, so that the flowers you presented to your loved ones delight them as long as possible. Let STUDIO Flores express love for you!

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The flower concierge service is very popular. You order a bouquet of flowers from us in advance and tell us the date and address of delivery. Flowers delivery to Kyiv or satellite cities will be carried out by us within the agreed time.

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Our professional florists will be happy to help you choose the right bouquet and answer your questions by phone +38 098 484 49 73. Also, you can always come to our flower shop at: Kyiv, st. Voskresenskaya 14b and choose flowers with a florist, or order flowers with delivery.