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Bouquet roses 'Mysticism' – Flower shop STUDIO Flores

Bouquet roses “Mysticism”

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Luxurious bouquet of peony roses.
9 red Piano peony roses, 5 David Austin Juliet peony roses and 5 rice sprigs.


Among the variety of flower arrangements, there are individual bouquets in which a special order of the components can be traced. Each flower takes its place without being distinguished by the height or size of the bud from the general ensemble.

This is exactly what the “Mystic” rose bouquet is: refined and classically harmonious. It consists of two varieties of peony roses: David Austin Juliet and Piano. The space between the buds is filled with rice-colored twigs that visually separate each flower. The contrast between lingonberry and pinkish-almond shades creates an alluring force that is easily attributed to the mystical effect.

Music without words

A gentle wave of happiness covers two lovers with a head. They understand each other at a glance. If you order a bouquet for your loved one, then in the heart of the gifted person, music without words will sound. Fleeting and inaudible to others, it will give an understanding of female value in the eyes of a partner.

Do not forget to buy and present the bouquet to your mom. It was with her that you were in close unity for 9 whole months, using the resources that the female body produces. The first close person who saw you, a newborn baby, and subsequently completely changed his lifestyle and subordinated it to the interests of the baby, was again the mother. She wiped away children’s tears, helped with homework, worried as she grew up, and gave a mother’s advice to adulthood.

With the bouquet “Mystic” from the flower shop STUDIO Flores you will “fit” into any congratulatory event. Having placed an order for flowers, you will receive a surprise in the form of free delivery of the composition in Kiev.

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