Dahlia bouquet

Peony, collar, nymph dahlias are used to create lush and colorful bouquets. You can order a bouquet in the shade monochrome consisting of one grade of flowers. But the composition with roses, gypsophila, carnations, eustoma will look richer and more effective, especially when the components are selected professionally and designer packaging is offered.

How flowers were used before

Dahlias were used by different peoples in completely opposite directions. Among the Aztecs, they were considered an attribute of the god of war, and to appease him, men sacrificed women and children. The roots were used in animal feed, and the crushed fraction was intended to relieve painful urination.

Flowers were admired by kings, for whom whole fields of these representatives of flora were grown. They forbade their courtiers to be in the place where the dahlias grew, in order to reserve the right to admire the lush buds.

Years later, flowers became available to others. The high concentration of fructose led to the fact that they began to practice the use of tubers for the treatment of people with high blood sugar, infusions of the petals removed dermatological diseases. Today, about 20,000 varieties are grown around the world, and it is offered to buy a bouquet at any time of the year.

Dahlias: ideas for all seasons

We often receive requests through the online store for compositions with dahlias. The catalog contains bouquets created by STUDIO Flores specialists. New ideas come regularly, so we will continue to delight regular customers, as well as surprise new customers.

Customer feedback encourages us to move forward, to improve our decorative skills. The bouquets turn out warm in autumn, as if absorbing the last rays of the gentle sun. Flower delivery in Kiev will be useful for busy people, those who are used to receiving services in an all-inclusive format.

In September-October it is customary to give flowers to teachers. And what about wives, parents, grown-up daughters? Don’t wait for an occasion – make a message of good in their life! You can order a bouquet of 3 or more components or be limited to one flower. Email what you’d like to receive – and we’ll find some worthwhile options.

What do you choose: a flower shop near your home or ordering flowers with online delivery? Purchasing “from what is available today” or a wide selection and impeccable service?