Bouquet “Warm Autumn”

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We give you a great mood and continue to enjoy the warm sunny days!
STUDIO Flores – more than just flowers!

3 large Kahala roses, viburnum sprig, asclepia sprig, rice-colored sprig, Juliet bush rose, eustoma, eucalyptus and bright dahlia.

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Autumn can be gentle, with a long “Indian summer”, and rainy, gray, making you nostalgic about a quickly flown vacation. Whatever the weather outside the window, the “Warm Autumn” bouquet will always be associated with love, wonderful relationships, and a kind heart. Let’s extend this wonderful state of mind with flowers!

The dahlia is the audience’s favorite. Roses Cajala, Juliet and eustoma formed a framing circle in the form of a dancing round dance. Asclepia, viburnum and rice color were added from small fragments. Eucalyptus brings aristocratic, not bright greenery. The packaging echoes the main shades of the bouquet.

Order flowers with home delivery

We shift the care of flower delivery in Kiev onto our shoulders. You indicate the place of delivery of the bouquet, where you will receive it yourself or the delivery to the addressee will take place. In the absence of the customer, the courier takes a photograph of the happy owner of the flowers (it can also be a man) and sends it via Viber as proof of the work done.

Buy a bouquet with delivery at the office

A surprise can be made in the presence of colleagues. The STUDIO Flores courier accepts the completed composition, transporting it from the flower shop to the specified location. The smiling owner of the bouquet will be secretly envied by the female employees, and if there is a good friend at work, she will definitely give a nice compliment.

With delivery to a restaurant

When you want to invite a girl to a restaurant, it will not be superfluous to order a bouquet. Having contacted our online store, carefully review the catalog, choosing the appropriate option. For quick interaction, enter the data in the online application, and also add other items that you want to buy along with flowers.

Why ordering a bouquet is better than buying it along the way

  • There are sellers in a regular store. Their task is the retail sale of flowers collected in monochrome compositions and packed in transparent film. We employ florists whose functional responsibilities include the development of non-standard bouquets that consist exclusively of fresh ingredients and are remembered for a long time.
  • How often have you been offered more than 5 kinds of flowers in a mini-shop (usually a single or double kiosk)? We have hundreds of types of created bouquets in our catalog, so there is always something to choose from, both for simple delivery and for special occasions.
  • There are men who give their loved ones a whole cloud of flowers. For example, 101 roses. Is there a place along the way with such a significant number of buds?
  • STUDIO Flores – more than just flowers!


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