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Bouquet of nineteen freesias

Now you can quickly and conveniently pick up Lilac. Digital catalogue https://flores-shop.com.ua/ can advise attractive bouquets of chamomile and roses for bosses or a loved one. Discharge Bouquet with freesia can satisfy desires demanding customers. Really favorable prices for Easter wreath with gypsophila, Bouquet of 13 white peonies, Black star give the opportunity to receive fast enough and inexpensive. Door-to-door delivery Poznyaki and to other districts of Kiev. Online Market Masters https://flores-shop.com.ua/ at good prices will embody any of your ideas. Bouquet of 19 freesias — spectacular compositions at an affordable price.

Bouquet of 19 freesias

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Probably one of the most fragrant and elegant bouquets. The subtle scent of freesia is not overpowering and does not cause headaches. Delicate white flowers stand for a long time, gradually opening young buds.

The bouquet used 19 freesias and 4 panicum sprigs.


Listen to the sound of the words “freesia from the iris family.” Reminiscent of the light sound of the waves driven by the sea breeze with the scent of lilies of the valley. Each flower has 5-6 petals. Quite dense, they have semicircular edges and hold their shape well. Remotely reminiscent of orchid petals.

“Freesia has restorative properties, helping to relieve minor headaches and low spirits”

19 freesias form a voluminous composition that increases in size as the rest of the buds open. Small stuffing is used to create charm and visual separation of larger buds. Panicum brings an elusive lightness to a freesia bouquet.

Why the girl refuses the bouquet

There are no girls who don’t like flowers. It is possible that some of them simply have not yet met the bouquet that will cause a feeling of admiration. There are times when a girl is unhappy or feels embarrassed if you buy a bouquet for her. Let’s try to make out what is hidden behind emotions.

1.Gift for a young girlGive her a nice compliment and tell her that the flowers will suit her beautiful appearance
2.Secret loveThe recipient is confused. After giving flowers, quickly turn the topic of conversation to more abstract things
4.Allergy to flowersThis happens quite often, having found out this moment, make a small gift in the form of a box of chocolates or invite you for a cup of coffee, in the form of atonement. Don’t focus.
5.Awkwardness at the beginning of datingIf you just met and decided to buy flowers for a first date, then we recommend choosing a small compliment bouquet or a beautiful rose so that the girl does not feel obliged to do anything.

A composition of 19 freesias will be an excellent bouquet for a birthday, engagement, wedding anniversary, the arrival of a new family member. The STUDIO Flores flower shop has a wide range of offers, so you can always order a bouquet that others will not give for the holiday.

Daily flower delivery Kyiv

How to order a bouquet with delivery and get it in a convenient place? Near each composition of the online store there is an option “Add to cart”. For different plant kits, click “Continue Shopping”. Add all the bouquets you like to the online form, specify the method by which the finished order will be transferred, and update the basket to calculate the total amount. Proceed to the design, indicating all the necessary data.

Freesias are a bouquet that you need to buy at least once in your life. The service “flower delivery in Kyiv” will allow you to see the reaction to the delivery, captured in the photograph. Or we will deliver the composition to any address in the capital, and you will personally present the flowers to the recipient.

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Birthday, Date, Easter, Just because, March 8, Mother's Day




For a daughter, For a girl, For a girlfriend, For a mom, For a newborn, For a sister, For beloved, For wife

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